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How To Enable Cyber Safety For Moms On Mother’s Day?

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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The rising popularity of the gifts from online shopping means that many lucky mums will receive a glossy new device on the event of Mother’s Day. It might be a fitness tracker, a big new smart TV or even a digital home assistant. Whatever the thing is, we must understand the potential risks that are involved while giving or receiving an internet-based device and ways to enable cyber safety for moms as we do not want to put our families or moms at risk. 

Internet safety for kids, internet safety for students and internet safety for teens are equally important if they are using the latest gadgets and home appliances.

How Can You Enable Cyber Safety For Moms On This Mother’s Day?

Cyber safety for moms is definitely important irrespective of using any gadgets or being online. This is the reason why is it important to stay safe online. But this does not mean that you have to change your shopping plans or your mom cannot enjoy the contemporary technology. Like anything and everything in life, if you are prepared, you can reduce the risks and avoid getting caught out by the cyber threats. Thus, here is the low down on the cyber threats posed by some of the most popular gifts that you might be planning for your mother on this Mother’s Day and some tips on how to protect from them. If your mother is a working woman, she needs to also follow cyber safety at work.

1. Digital Home Assistants

Irrespective of which brand you might choose, a digital assistant can be of a massive help to any of the busy moms out there. Whether it is a recipe they cook or reading kids a bedtime story or even setting the timers, this is probably the closest thing that most of the mums will get to another set of hands. 

That being said, there are various associated risks with the helpers of the mothers and thus internet safety for parents must be your concern. If your home assistant gets hacked, all your personal information could be at risk. This means that your bank account details or even your identity could be put at risk. Owing to the fact that the device is always on, your personal assistant might listen to as well as record what is being said around your house. This is a definite privacy issue. 

How To Keep Your Mom Safe From Digital Home Assistant Threats?

✅ Protecting your Wi-Fi at home is an essential step that ensures your home assistant is secure. Various solutions such as any trusted anti-virus company’s Secure Home Platform (if available) for your Wi-Fi / Routers would be of great help as it will secure all of your devices that connect to your home Wi-Fi and includes your home assistant. With this, you have protection as well as peace of mind.

How Hackers Hack WiFi
How Hackers Hack WiFi (Source: SecPoint)

✅ You must always change the default password of your manufacturer while setting up the Wi-Fi and also ensure to create a complex and unique password instead. A combination of the uppercase and the lowercase letters, special characters and numbers are pretty ideal. 

✅ Never permit your home assistant to retain your private information such as credit card data or any of your contact information. 

2. Fitness Trackers

If you are aware of your mom’s wish list, you would be able to spot a fitness tracker at the top of the list as a gift for Mother's Day or any holiday season. However, there are some surprisingly worrying security risks that surround the popular gift that she needs to be aware of. 

The researchers have discovered that it is possible to crack the PINs as well as the passwords by hacking into the motion sensors to track hand movements. Additional research has revealed that the encryption that is offered by the wearable fitness tracker manufacturers is much more easily intercepted. Meaning that all your personal data retained on the device can easily be tracked and hacked.  

While the information such as your calorie intake as well as the step count might not seem to be valuable to the hacker, information like where you have worked out and for how long you have been away from home can draw a very valuable picture of who you are, where you are and what you do. Thus, cyber safety for mom and dad both needs to be kept in mind. 

How To Keep Your Mom Safe From Fitness Tracker Threats?

✅ You must keep your fitness tracker updated. Similar to any of the connected devices, as soon as you are prompted with a software update, immediately download them to restrict the cyber criminals from hacking your device. 

✅ You must set up your fitness tracker as well as any associated online accounts with a vague username and unique passwords that are completely unrelated to any of the other accounts that you must posses. 

✅ You must read the Privacy Policy of the app or device that you are considering to buy. You must ensure that you are well comfortable with the commitment of the company in protecting your data. 

✅ You must disable specific features on teh fitness tracker if you feel that your privacy might be jeopardised. 

3. Smart TVs

If you are buying your mother a Smart TV this Mother's Day and spoiling her, you must take note that the smart TVs also possess a sinister side. Back in March 2017, news came out that it might be possible to hack into the smart TVs for spying on the users. Since then, various critical vulnerabilities that have been found in the Vestel firmware have been used in over 30 popular TV brands. 

How To Keep Your Mom Safe From Smart TV Threats?

✅ Keep in mind the “Cyber Security Factor” when purchasing a Smart TV. Thus, it is crucial to do your homework and be aware of the current security vulnerabilities. 

✅ Secure the internet of your home at the source. That being said, the smart TVs and all the connected devices must be connected to a home Wi-Fi network to run. If they are vulnerable, they might expose your network as a whole. As it can be challenging to lock down all the IoT devices in a home, a solution such as the home platform that your chosen Anti-virus company might offer can be of great help at the router level. 


Cyber safety for moms is very important if your mother is someone who likes to align herself with the trending technologies and latest gadgets or home appliances. If you are shopping online for your mother, you are required to remember to keep your guard up. You must shop from a secured website that has an SSL certificate, with a lock sign before the URL and the URL starting with “https://” in the address bar. 

You must never shop from any website over an unprotected or unsecured Wi-Fi network. If you do so, you might be left behind vulnerable to all types of malicious cyber attacks. Your private information might also be hacked by a third party. Do not forget to thank your mother for all she has done for you and leave a handwritten note with the gift. If you are a mom reading this, you can also make sure your child is safe from the online threats.


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