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6 Interesting Creative Ideas For Your Easter Digital Campaigns

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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The western countries celebrate Easter with great pomp and pleasure. Being a holiday, it is an amazing opportunity for the people to enjoy with their families together and this also offers a promising opportunity for the digital marketers and the brands to attract more sales. This ensures a better brand presence. Considering the purchase and the consumer trends, a creative Easter Digital Campaigns list would be much beneficial for your businesses. 

6 Easiest Creative Ideas For Your Easter Digital Campaigns

You can do a lot of stuff if you are really willing to increase your brand reputation and presence. Let us now see what digital marketing you can do.

1. Create Easter Special Landing Page

Easter Day's special landing page is one of the great easter promotion ideas to start with. As soon as you possess a landing page in place for the festivity, you can actually go ahead and think of several things to attract the families to do more. 

Plan A Hero Shot

It is the image that displays the special offer on the product, especially for the festive day and is just curated for the festivity. Several HD images on your website (may be in the form of banners) can make your page look much more attractive. As the price they pay for a service on the particular day is a bit low for the festivities, they are likely to engage in your products and services. 

Display A Video Showing The Customer Celebrations

You can also go ahead and make a real life video of the families who are celebrating the day with your products or are talking about your services. You can even post the video on the various social media handles of the brand. You can also ask the other customers to send their entries so that they can be displayed in the next year. 

Implement Some Call To Action Buttons

Conversions highly depend on the call to action or CTA buttons as a page is considered to be incomplete if it is not asking your visitors to do anything. Thus, on the event of Easter Day, you can implement some CTA buttons (not stuffing them in a page) having some purpose. 

You can also think of some offer that can motivate people to visit this page to do any activity. The most common ones are the Sign Up (oe “Sign Up Now”) button that makes the users sign up to your website. You can have a similar idea or go for something you feel is unique.

Another call to action button example serving as a creative idea for Easter Digital Campaigns is the “Like Us” button. This button works as an expression of the interest that might motivate the visitors to do more on your website or social media profiles like Facebook or LinkedIn.

2. Reach Out Through Social Media

Easter is celebrated as a festival for ages. If the society has come a bit nearer owing to the social media platforms, then you must not shy away from it and make use of all the advantages available so that you can make a positive business reputation. You must let people know what you are doing. 

There are various social media websites that you can use and gain your targeted audience and conduct social media marketing. The Facebook page is the one that helps you to connect to a lot of audiences. If you do not have one, you must visit the platform and create a business profile for your business. You would be able to do a lot of stuff to engage your audiences through the social media easter campaigns

Similarly, a Pinterest page can aid you to stay visually active for your audiences when it might be challenging to say otherwise. You can check out various examples online and mix and match to form yours. If you are lacking a Twitter account for your brand, then you are missing out on a lot of things. 

3. Run A Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

You must also make a plan of running a pay per click or PPC ad campaign on the landing page. This will ensure that you receive results pretty quickly. In addition to this, you will not be completely dependent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for boosting the web traffic. Besides, you will also reach the right targeted audience with the help of a PPC campaign. This also offers you ample scope to select where and when your ads will appear like Location, Keywords, Time, Device, Date and Website.

4. Curate Well Written Blogs

This Easter, you must possess some well-written blogs on your website that can attract the eyes of your viewers. You must back your content with effective SEO strategies bearing a social plan, optimization and enhance the efforts of engagements. You must try and figure out who your targeted audience is and what you are planning to achieve. You must also determine if you want to increase the signups or are looking for promoting an offer. You must decide what your blogging goal is and crack this in Easter. 

Content marketing is definitely something that you must do. Additionally, you can go beyond writing blogs and can even have your customers share their experiences on your websites. It is quite fascinating to read what all your customers are saying regarding the products, offers and the benefits that you are providing to the family.

5. Send Personalized Emails

Inviting people to your website or blog bearing offers on emails might be irresistible for all the recipients. Your email might contain easter marketing messages such as coupons to be used on the website while making any purchases. You can also offer an opportunity to the users to use the mail’s coupons in any walk-in-stores (if available) to redeem the coupons. This Easter, nothing could be better than this. You can also offer the users to like or share a post to grab a deal if you want to enjoy benefits from the more advanced easter marketing campaigns.

6. Conduct A Live Streaming Or Poll

Live streaming is a thing now and it can do wonders. You can make use of facebook live or Youtube live streaming for this purpose. You might also want to cover a special event on your store via the lives and the livestreams. Twitter and Instagram also offer the same features. 

But before conducting live streaming as a part of easter marketing strategies, there is something that you need to take care of such as:

Inform Your Time Of Being Live

This is an excellent strategy for letting people know when you will go live. This will help them to plan and be present in the event.

Make Sure That You Are Receiving Enough Signals

You are required to possess an active message before you are planning to go live. Thus, check if everything is fine, especially the technicalities are doing fine before you are on air. 

Do Not Forget To Provide A Compelling Description

An outstanding description of the offer that you might be making via the Spring Marketing Campaigns or the discounts that you will be providing will ensure the attention of the buyers. 

✅ Broadcast For The Longer Period

A more extended broadcast period will offer the people more time to invite their friends to watch. This is often more engaging. Thus, making use of such Easter Digital Campaigns will benefit your business a lot.

Additionally, creating a poll is just not the end of a solid digital marketing ideas list. All you are required to do is create polls not just randomly. It must be something that people would love to be a part of. Say, your ideas of a new product launch where the user shares their preference between two choices. This way, you also know what people are likely to want in the new product that will force them to purchase after the product gets launched following the easter digital campaigns in India.


Easter Digital Campaigns will definitely be successful this year if you will follow all the ideas being shared here. With time, it has become difficult to get the attention of your targeted users as there are plethora of advertisements or paid ad campaigns and posts out there and the one that stands out being one of the best easter campaigns can only make a customer be interested in the products and services. Only then you might expect a conversion.


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