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How To Boost Your Traffic Now With Effective SEO Strategies

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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Effective SEO strategies are hard to find in the world that is racing against one another to rank at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). You might have spent most of your days testing a variety of the traffic generating techniques that you might have learnt from the so-called “SEO Gurus” on the internet. Some worked but most failed. And now, after legit disappointment you have landed here at the right place. 

In this article, we will share some of the best techniques that are proven and will fetch you immense website traffic. The seo strategies are effective and easy to follow for both the beginners and the marketers. However, first we would need to get to some of the basics of seo strategy in digital marketing.

Considering The Two Types Of Traffic

It is a fact that everyone wants to lead the industry with the #1 number on any SERP when a potential client will search for their products or services via the prominent search engines like Google, Bing etc. All of us know that most of the people click on the top results and never bother to navigate further down the search engine results page for the other hidden websites that might be a gem. There are a host of ways for improving the ranking position of your website. But we'll start with how you can get your website visible in search engines such as Google. Basically, there are two ways to acquire your traffic - Free and Paid. 

The paid traffic is often referred to as the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of which Pay Per Click (PPC) is a part. Often this method includes paying the search engines such as Google or Google Shopping as well as the various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Snapchat for displaying your ads. This enables you to generate clicks or traffic to your website. 

Although PPC and SEM are awesome ways to increase your traffic, this is not always a great way to go for the beginners. The reason behind this is that they require an ongoing budget as well as digital marketing skills. It can both be time consuming and expensive for ensuring that you are generating return on Investment or ROI. At this point, you are actually making money through your paid ad campaigns.

On the contrary, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often referred to as “free traffic” or “organic traffic”. This traffic is free meaning that you do not have to invest anything or pay the Search Engines or even the social media platforms per click to visit your website. But these do seek both effort and time. For doing so, you will have to create the right kind of content for getting people to be interested in your website. If you use the effective SEO strategies and the right techniques, once you generate SEO traffic, you create high chances of your increased traffic to sustain itself over a longer time period. 

What Is The Big Problem With SEO?

To put it simply, the biggest and the worst problem with SEO is that there are so many internet marketers out there who are still advicing to use ineffective and time consuming techniques that have ceased working years back. These ineffective SEO techniques include the following:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Backlink Building
  • Article Spinning
  • Creating and Developing “Amazon Affiliate” kid of niche websites and more.

Considering five to ten years back, these techniques were considered to be the best seo strategies that promoted traffic. However, some bear detrimental consequences at present. Over the time, Google has altered the way they refer traffic to the websites through their search engines. If you are still relying on obsolete techniques, then you are actually wasting your money, time and effort for the worse. You are actually causing hindrance to the chances of your websites to get to a great ranking. 

In this regard, another major mistake can be spotted. Many of the bloggers and the internet marketers confuse the content creation with vlogging. The vlogging comprises the creator’s day to day activities or special activities that people are not searching for. They are not including all of those topics that people are actively searching for on the internet. Thus, thousands of the small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are trying to learn how to generate traffic are solely wasting time on all things that no longer work. 

How To Generate Quality Traffic With Effective SEO Strategies

When you are creating content like videos and articles, you are aiming to generate organic traffic to your website. You are not paying per click to get a host of traffic to your website. Generating organic traffic starts with the “Alphabet Soup Method”. This method helps you to find the search terms that the people are actually searching on the internet. You can get going with the native of Google, the Suggested Search features where you can run your ideas through the alphabet. Do not worry about the price. It is completely free. 

After you are done with the SEO strategy plan, you are required to do some other important steps that we will cover in this segment in a proper step-by-step method. Make sure you follow all the steps as mentioned here. 

1. Invest Enough Time For Your Search Analysis

In order to create sustainable as well as targeted traffic sources, you would require the right content. This might be shocking that people still read blogs and that the video world is flourishing in-line with the SEO content creation bearing a large audience base. 

One thing that is for sure is if you want to generate more traffic, you are required to create content regarding the things that people are searching for in the different search engines such as Google, Bing and YouTube. 

If you are an e-commerce merchant, you will have to share content that can alter your traffic into the paid customers, while you are still being helpful. If you are willing to do so, you can also create content like blogs or articles as well as videos (maybe a YouTube channel) that aids you to explain your products or show them in action. 

If you take an initiative to create the correct blog content, you can generate traffic to your website right from Google. You can also consider YouTube to be a search engine. If you want to post any video content, it will also help you in generating traffic to your website. Taking into consideration the various keyword tools, they enable you to have an insight on how much traffic you will be able to receive for PPC rather than organic traffic via SEO. This is where the “Alphabet Soup Method” works perfectly. It simply means locating the keywords by using the Google Suggested Search features and running through the alphabet.

2. Ensure Using The Alphabet Soup Method

As already stated, the Alphabet Soup Method includes using the Suggested Search Terms of Google for receiving fresh ideas about what people are actually searching for. To understand this you need a seo strategy example. Say, you own an e-commerce store that sells cars. What you are required to do is type an alphabet, say “A” in Google without hitting the enter key and have a close look at the suggestions that you come across. 

This will offer you an idea of the types of topics that people are searching for in real life in the search engine. The aim here is to run through the complete alphabet and jot down your ideas. Additionally, you can also go ahead and add various question words such as “How To” to get a clear idea of the questions that people are asking online. By providing the answers to those questions through your blogs, you are taking a step ahead in accumulating organic traffic. You can also add a star (*) after or before your search so that Google can suggest other terms as well. 

You can also head to the top and bottom of the SERP to gather questions to get even more ideas. Several forums like Reddit and Quora will help you to find more topics and questions that people want to know about. This will give you an idea of what people are talking about or searching based on your niche. 

3. Properly Engage In Competitive Analysis

After you have gathered some topic ideas, it is essential to carry out the competitive analysis and decide the actual topics that are worth writing about. Some of the topic ideas that you might have found via the Alphabet Soup Method can be too competitive, while others are low on that. 

Make sure to carry out the Competitive Analysis by typing all your topic ideas in Google and carefully looking at the results. If you are lucky enough and find a good number of high-quality, relevant, long-form articles of over 3000 words from the top sources in your industry, then your content will be well covered and chances are it will be highly competitive. If the topic you have chosen is covered by most people, you can choose to leave it for the time being as it could be difficult as a new website owner to outrank the well known websites on Google utilizing such a competitive term. Additionally, you have to consider content marketing as equally important. 

On the contrary, if you find little to no relevant information regarding your topic or if the top results are from the forums, pdf documents, or any other low quality short content often less than 1000 words, then you might have found an excellent topic to write about. These topics will be best to start with as Google might have results for them that are small, irrelevant, outdated or contain unreliable information. It will help you to rank faster in Google and drive more traffic to your website.

4. Make Sure To Follow The Content Mix

You might ask at this point “What is a content mix?” The Content Mix is considered to be a suggested order or format that says how to write a post. This process can aid you in ranking your content faster by planting the “initial content seed” for your website. 

You will definitely not want to start with the competitive topics as Google will never rank your content right away in their search engine. Thus, you will have to start with less competitive topics that are short. In future, you can move towards the more competitive ones by generating a catalog of high quality information. 

(a) The Concept Of Content Mix

So, what will you have to do in order to follow the content mix? How are you going to proceed? Well, here is a list of the suggested Content Mix including the order that will help you to write your content:

    • First off, start with the 10X response posts. You need to answer a question in around 1,350 words. 
    • Follow this with 10X Staples Posts that are completely list type and are around 2,200 words . 
    • Next you have to write 10X Pillar Posts that are between 3,500 to 5,000 words based on the level of competition. 

 (b) Create High Quality Content

It is a fact that Content is King. People visit various websites as they are looking forward to high-quality, relevant information that answers a particular question and offers context.

What does this mean? This implies that your website is required to offer helpful, quality and relevant information to all your visitors. Additionally, the higher you rank in Google, you will get more traffic in return. So, how are you going to write quality content that is going to rank in Google? 

First you need to create an outline of an article. Then fill it with relevant and unique research that makes sure to answer the target ast the initial step with the related questions at the end. Answer Targets permits you to succinctly as well as directly answer the question that the searcher is looking for. 

This kind of content organization might also permit you to get a rich snippet of the content in the Google Search Engine Results Page. These are defined as the featured bits of an article allowing you to rank in position 0, pushing back all the other contents on the search results page.

Additionally, you must avoid writing the article reviews or articles that look like “10 best products for…” These are great to write but owing to the heavy competition and popularity, it is becoming quite difficult to rank for. 

If it is feasible, the better option would be to purchase or individually test all of the products that you would like to suggest to your audience in a video or through an in-depth article and tell them which one they must go for in your opinion.

The days for link building have gone and it is just obsolete. If you are providing unique research and true value via your content, then the other websites will gladly link to your content. It will help keep the visitors trickling in years after you have first uploaded it. 

In short, be well-read, well-informed and be absolutely honest regarding the topics that you explore in your blog as well as offer your audience the possible values. 

 (c) Create Evergreen Or Timeless Content

The kind of content you create also bears a certain impact on the ranking of your website or blog or even the article in itself. Thus, you need to be very selective regarding the type of content you create. This will help you offer value to the site visitors of your website now as well as several years from now. Take for example, if you are choosing to write a topic such as “Latest Mobile Phones” you are creating very low chances that your article is still relevant 10 years from now. 

Also, it is a fact that if you are not writing any content that is evergreen, then you will have to employ some more effort in continuously updating the articles from time to time. If you are offering to provide your audience with the helpful information that will still be relevant in five or ten years from now on, then the content you are actually providing is evergreen and that it will not require any frequent updation and you can spend some quality time on the other couple of evergreen or timeless articles.

(d) Keep In Mind The Customer Intent

It is very important in an e-commerce context to prioritize the customer's intent. Being an online merchant, you should keep your goal of generating traffic to increase the sales. This is the reason why you need to prioritize the intentions of your customers and decide what exactly you have to write. 

Make sure that all the topics that you have chosen to cover can be used as the lead magnets for acquiring your traffic to take an action some way or the other. This could include the signups for your email updates or even buy your products. 

Keep in mind that you will always have to be helpful as much as possible before attempting to make a sale. On providing non-sales, high quality information will develop trust with your audience and instigate them to be more willing to engage with you when they are attempting to buy anything. Additionally, you are required to implement the CTA or Call to Action links and buttons that will navigate them directly to your products and are very clearly reflected in your articles. This will keep the potential customers from getting confused and they will know where you are directing the traffic. 

(e) Withstand The “Ghost Town” Phase

If you are quite focussed with SEO, you will often come across a term called the “Ghost Town Phase”. This is defined as a particular time period where you will not have any traffic on your site and it can last for up to 35 weeks straight after you have planted the “Seed” of content. 

Owing to this such a long time, many of the internet marketers are often seen to give up on the blogs or sell them. But the best thing is that you need to be patient as well as persistent and should not give up during this period. Implementing this method, you can actually generate over 175,000 monetizable page views per month in just 24 months. 

5. Curate Your Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trust

It is extremely crucial for the success of your blog to demonstrate Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trust (E.A.T.). This is owing to the fact that Google wants to ensure that it suggests the information from people who are much authoritative of the topics they write. This is exceptionally true for the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) industries such as the finance, health, technical, legal, politics, news and e-commerce.

Currently, Google is putting much more focus on the E.A.T. Strategy owing to the legal and deontologic reasons.

For instance, probably you will trust a blog that is offering medical advice that has been written down by a qualified MD, rather than a poorly written post by someone who does not work even in the medical field. Google thinks of the articles in the similar way and are also lowering the rankings of the websites that are lacking E.A.T. 

To build your E.A.T., it will involve a step-by-step process for proving Google that you are authoritative as well as trustworthy in your niche. 

6. YouTube Is A Source Of Traffic - Affirm!

YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine on the internet following Google, although technically it belongs to Google. Many of the SMBs or the Small and Medium Businesses yet now consider YouTube to be a vloggers game and are therefore missing out on the great opportunity to generate traffic, curate E.A.T. and finally increase sales. 

Here comes a small piece of advice. You can create a YouTube Channel for sharing your knowledge. Your blog will be considered more of an authority by Google in case you link your own YouTube videos to your website content. 


When you are searching the internet for the latest SEO techniques, you will be able to find a lot of them. But have you questioned if they even work and generate fruitful results? If you have, you would know that over half of them do not exactly work. This article has covered all the crucial and effective SEO strategies that are sure to generate more leads, more traffic and eventually more money. This article takes into consideration all the e-commerce websites. However, these techniques must be applied on all types of websites and blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are SEO Strategies?

➤ SEO strategies are detailed plans to improve a website’s search engine rankings for capturing more organic traffic. If you want to know how to make a seo strategy or how to promote seo, refer to the article.

2. What Google Search Results Can Be Found In The Position Zero?

➤ The position zero (P0) in Google is very important and it is also known as the zero click results or the “Rich Snippets”. These are content rich results appearing on the Google SERPs before any other organic results appear. They are at the top as they directly answer the question of the searcher in the form of images, table, video or text. If your content is in the P0 position, you can greatly increase the website’s chance of getting the clicks.

3. Is It Better To Pay For SEO Services?

➤ You can definitely do it yourself. But if you want to have results that are long lasting and you want someone to continuously focus on the effective Search Engine Optimization strategies so that you are benefitted, then you need to take the help of a professional SEO strategist from one of the best digital marketing service providers. 

4. What Are The Top Three Seo Strategies?

➤ When considering the SEO strategies, it is quite difficult to state which of the SEO strategies comes under the top three. However, you will have to follow all the steps and continue practicing smart and cost effective seo strategies that are mentioned here in order to succeed.



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