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Google Word Coach - Easy Way To Test Your Vocabulary

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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Google is getting smarter with each passing day. The look and feel of Google search engine has been modified and various filters have also been added. One of the latest inclusions is the Google Word Coach that is focussed on helping the users to upgrade their existing vocab and improve their English Language. In this article, we will go in depth to discuss all the aspects of the new game in the browser’s search results pages (SERPs).

What Is Google Word Coach?

It is disheartening to know that not many people actually know about this game. The Word Coach Google Game is a fun game and is meant for users of all ages. This game is offered by the search engines results page. The game foresees upgrading your vocabulary. This also serves as a great initiative by Google for the Non-English speaking people who are weak in the language. Both speaking and learning skills are enhanced owing to this. People who want to play fun and productive games then this is for them.

This interesting feature of Google has been added just below the Google Dictionary and the Google Search Translate boxes. When you search for any word in the Google search engine, or the meaning of a particular word, you will be displayed with the Google Word Coach game. If you know about this feature and type the game name in the search engine, then also the browser results page with the game is displayed.

Here is what one of the Google spokesperson says about the game:

"Google Word Coach is a game designed by Google to help and expand English Language and Vocabulary in a Fun and Engaging Way. This new game is in Quiz form, Which appears below the Dictionary and Language Translate Boxes of Google or When someone Search for "Google Word Coach" or " Word Coach" on Google. It launched in Feb 2018 in Non-English Speaking Countries. It will help people to expand their English Language Vocab in a fun way. Right Now It has been launched in India. But in future, it may come to other countries and in different languages also".

When Was The Google Word Coach Game Launched?

The Google Word Coach game was launched back in February 2018 in the Non-English Speaking countries. However, it is said that the game is not displayed in the US search results and the results of the other countries where English serves as the native language. Thus, it is basically for the non-English speaking countries such as India where people mostly use and search the definition and translation of the various English words and phrases on Google for expanding their English vocab.

How Will You Open The Word Coach Game?

The Google Word Coach game is displayed in a small box that might appear in the google search results when you search for any English word or vocab or you type “Word Coach”.

Take for example, you have searched the word “Teacher” in Google. Just below the Google Dictionary, you will find the small box of the word coach game. In this box, you will be able to spot questions such as “Which word is similar to teacher?”. You will be provided with two options to choose from. Choose one option that you feel is the answer to the question asked.

With this we answered how to open Google Word Coach game on the browser and play while testing and enriching your vocabulary.

How To Play The Word Coach Game

To play the word coach game, you need to open the game following the above mentioned steps. Currently, non-US countries can play this game. After you open the game, you can spot the question in the search engine results page. At the time of writing, three types of questions are asked in the Google Word Coach test as follows:

Synonym Question Quiz - Which word is similar to?

Antonym Question Quiz - Which word is opposite to?

Image Question Quiz - Which image best fits the word?

The questions that the game asks in the form of an image are always easier than the other types of the question. You may also find that initially the questions asked are relatively easier than the ones as you slowly progress. Each round of the game contains five questions and you are provided with two options of which one is correct and the other is incorrect. You have to choose the one that is correct. Additionally, you might also find a skip option in the game.

Talking about the levels you will find in the Google Word Coach Game, there are only two levels in the Word Coach Game currently. As you proceed further and complete the rounds, you will find a level up button. As you click on that, you will reach the next level that has no endpoint. You may play as many times as you can.

After you have answered all the five questions correctly that had been asked in the level 1 of the quiz, you will be leveled up. As already stated, the next level is a little harder in comparison to the last one. When you successfully give the right answer to all the questions asked, you are rewarded with 200 points. The scoring points might change depending on the level and difficulty. 

Step By Step Guide On Playing Google Word Coach Quiz

Here is a step by step guide with tips that will help you in playing the game and completing the steps and levels.

1. Type “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach” in the Google Search Engine. Or you may type any English word meaning in Google.

2. The search result displays a small box containing the game. The position of the game depends on what you have searched. If you have directly typed “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach”, then you can find the quiz box at the top of the search result. On the contrary, if you have searched the meaning of any English word, then the quiz box will appear below the translation card box or the Google Dictionary. 

3. You will find a question with two options or choices in the quiz box. This is fixed for all questions. You need to select the correct answer from the two options provided.

4. Mostly the questions that are asked are either similar words or opposite words. Sometimes, the Google Word Coach with pictures is also a part of the quiz that comes with options from where you need to choose the correct one. 

5. As you provide the correct answer, you will be redirected to the next question. One thing that you will like about this game is that by providing the wrong answer, you will still be able to answer the next question. There is no negative scoring if you provide a wrong answer.

6. When you answer the question correctly by tapping on the right choice, the option turns green with a tick in front.

     If you tap on the wrong choice, the option turns red with a cross mark in front.

7. If you are not sure of an answer, you might choose to skip the question. The “Skip” option is given in the bottom right corner of the game. Additionally, you can also send feedback by clicking on the “Feedback” option at the bottom right corner just below the “Skip” option. 

   The options are the same for the questions with images as well.

8. Every correct answer will fetch you 200 points. But sometimes you might receive 180 or 220 points or something else. The more you play, the higher your score will be. 

9. In each level or round, you will be asked five questions. At the end of the five questions, you will receive a scorecard.

10. Just below the scorecard, you will find the explanation of all the Google Word Coach quiz answers in detail and with examples. The explanations are not dependent on the right or wrong answer that you might have provided. On tapping on the questions, a card appears bearing the definition, meaning, similar word (synonyms) and opposite word (antonyms) of that word.

For instance, Your question was “Which word is similar to notwithstanding?” and you had been provided with two options, [Despite] and [Pending]. As you tap on the arrow down button, a window will appear.

   This is the same for the image question quiz as well.

This is the way in which the explanation of every word asked in the quiz is offered. The best part is that whether you answer correctly or wrongly, it will furnish you with the whole explanation of every question that was asked to you.

11. There is also a “Next Round” button so that you can continue with another quiz.

12. On completing the levels without making any mistake, you may receive a level up card. The level up card states that “IT LOOKS LIKE THESE WORDS ARE TOO EASY FOR YOU. YOU'LL GET HARDER WORDS FROM NOW ON.”

13. On pressing the “Continue” button, you will go to the next level. As you go to the next level, the game will be harder.

14. There is no certain limit to playing this game. There is no endpoint to this game. You are free to play this game as long as you want. If you continue playing this game for hours, your score will increase. The more you play, the more you sharpen your vocab and you will get motivated and you will aim to reach new records. 

15. If you have already signed into your Google account, then your score will be saved but for a little time. But if you close the browser and restart it again, then you have to start from the first. Thus, permanently saving your records is not possible.

16. You can also share your score with your friends using the share button at the top right corner of the game box. You need to tap on that and send your score to whom you want to show your score on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat, Quora, LinkedIn etc.

How To Download Google Word Coach?

Often people question how they can download the word coach game and the app. To address this, it can be said that you cannot download the game as it is on the browser itself. You can follow the aforesaid steps in order to play the game. Not necessarily the game will appear everytime you search for any meaning or synonym. Sometimes, it might not also appear in your country. 

There is no official way to download the official Google Word Coach app. But here are some alternatives that you might want to try for downloading the game. 

1st Method: From the Google Web Browser As A Shortcut Icon

If you are using your phone to play the game, then you can play this game directly from the Google search engine. Just type “Word Coach” or “Google Word Coach” from your phone. When you have played the game several times, it might offer you an option that can let you add the game to the home screen of your mobile phone. If you have already signed in, you might see a symbol or sign of an arrow at the bottom left side of the game. Go ahead and press it. 

It will then ask you the location where it will place the Google Word Coach. You may place the game as per your choice. A shortcut icon of the coach game will appear in your smartphone window. When you open it, you will be redirected to the game instantly. However this method might not work as the game does not guarantee you the icon. But if you do not get the button, you can play online in your browser.

2nd Method: Search The App On The Google Play Store

The play store of android might help you in downloading the game on your smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no official app for the Google Word Coach Game. Maybe in the future, there will be one. However, you can go for some related vocabulary apps on the play store such as:

  • Word Coach
  • Word Up - Word Coach Game And Quiz 
  • Vocabulary Builder - Test Prep 
  • Free Offline Word Games Brain Test 
  • Fun Word Games & Offline Brain Game Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Flashcards 
  • Word Connect - Word Games Puzzle 
  • English Vocabulary Test Learn English Words 
  • Free Word Coach Ielts And Gre Vocabulary Builder And Quiz 

You may find more such related games in the Play Store. The ones that have been mentioned in the list are not official apps for the Google Word Coach in English

3rd Method: Google Word Coach Download APK

This is one such method that we do not usually recommend owing to the fact that they are third-party apps. The security features of these apps are not guaranteed.

But if you are willing to use it, all you have to do is type “Google Word Coach Download APK” in the search engine. A number of websites will come in the SERP and you need to choose one trusted website to download and install the APK. You must also take into consideration that these files might contain malwares that can infect your system or you may get stuck in a loop of advertisements. 

The Drawbacks Of The Google Word Coach

It is a fact that this Google Word Coach helps in improving the vocabulary of the non-English speakers. But there are some drawbacks of this game such as:

  • The game seeks for internet connectivity as it does not work offline. Thus, there is no Google Word Coach offline version.
  • This game only works on smartphones and not on desktops, PCs and laptops.
  • The main shortcoming of this game is that it does not save your score when you close the browser. Thus, you have to start from the very beginning each time when you start the browser.


The Google Word Coach is a pretty practical game that aims to enhance the vocabulary of non-English people. This game can also be used to brush up your knowledge or test your vocab. This is one of the ideal inclusions that Google has made in the past year. Although there are certain shortcomings of this fun yet knowledgeable game, yet this is very helpful for people of all ages.




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