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Best May Day Ecommerce SEO Tips To Pull Quality Traffic

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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Receiving quality traffic on your online store wherein new customers get to know your business is a pretty good attempt. However, garnering quality traffic and also in a huge number is easier said than done. You can definitely take the help of the digital ads. But the fact is that the Product Listing Ads or commonly known as the PLAs are becoming even more expensive with each passing day. Thus, it is quite challenging to get into the keyword bidding rush with the larger ecommerce brands. This is where the May Day Ecommerce SEO Tips comes into play.

10+ May Day Ecommerce SEO Tips To Garner More Quality Traffic

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the golden opportunities to become less dependent on the paid channels, higher ranking in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and drawing more organic traffic to your online site. If you are new to the Ecommerce SEO concept or are just looking for the fresh techniques to drive more traffic to your online store, then this is what you have already wished for. If you want to utilise the Labour Day this year in a productive manner, you must check out the May Day Ecommerce SEO Tips

1. Optimise Your Listings For Keywords  & Website

Before getting into all things too technical on your website, you would have to make sure that your web pages and products are well optimised for the target keywords for the targeted audience that will be searching for the listings. When you are planning for your keywords, below are some of the things that you would like to consider:

Put Yourself In The Place Of Your Customer

If you were a customer of your website and searching for, say, an umbrella, what would be some of the keywords that you would focus on to get your search results? These would be some commercial keywords such as “umbrella for sale”, “umbrella sales”, “deals on umbrellas”, “umbrella for women”, “umbrellas at low cost”, “buy umbrellas near me”, “umbrella shops near me” and so on. 

Thus, working backwards can aid you to plan out specific keywords and receive a better insight on how your customers are discovering you.

Question About The Keyword Intent

We have already stated some examples of the commercial keywords. However, there are some other varieties of keywords such as the navigational keywords and the informational keywords, which return different kinds of results on Google search engines. For instance, “how to keep umbrellas good” is likely an informational blog while “colourful umbrellas in Berlin” is for the local stores. 

Consider The Stiffness of Your Competition

You might be aware of the fact that not all keywords have equal competition on Google. Usually, the smaller keywords possess higher monthly searches and are very expensive to bid on as well as challenging to rank for. On the contrary, the longer keywords might have relatively lower monthly searches but would be easier to rank for. 

However, it really depends on the search type. The savvy digital marketer always takes help from tools such as Google Keyword Planner (a free tool) and plans ahead of time. The tool allows you to have great keyword ideas, bidding estimates and traffic estimates. But, if you would like to go for a paid tool, you might want to go for Semrush or Ahrefs. The paid tool offers you in-depth insights into the traffic trends, keywords and the place your competition stands. 

Irrespective of what tool you use, you are required to come up with a plan of action in order to target more keywords on your web pages and products page. Additionally, you must include keywords in the product descriptions, FAQs, category pages and the product titles, when required. Never overload it and be mindful of it and when you are attempting to publish your product pages, make sure you are not missing out on the potential keywords.

2. Make User Experience Of Your Product Page Seamless

As you already have an idea to plan and incorporate keywords into the required places, it is time for you to look over your product pages to understand and make a plan of how you can improve the customer purchase experience. 

At this point you might want to know if this is any Ecommerce SEO checklist factor. Yes, it is. Google has modified its search a couple of times over the recent years for including the highest quality content near the top of its results and the ecommerce is no exception.

Google has already implemented its E-A-T or Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness guidelines back in February 2019 for nudging the brands to be more intentional regarding the content that they are posting. The brands are required to focus on the quality when publishing and be as much truthful and informative as possible. This does not solely raise the brand standard for any particular brand but for different brands including the ecommerce ones.

Note: As the ecommerce brands accept online payments, they occupy the category of YMYL websites or the Your Money, Your Life websites. Thus, if you are one of them, you have to be extremely mindful of E-A-T guidelines. 

Now, you have to focus on the product page experience and make it more enjoyable. How are you going to do that? Below are some of the key pointers that you need to check out:

✅ Essential and good number of product images in various colours as well as sizes with proper descriptions regarding the product and the models must be used in individual image. 

✅ Include video footage in cartoon for individual product listings.

✅ You must be descriptive enough regarding the product fabric, source of the material and the sustainability. 

✅ You must ensure that you have properly included various crucial and intricate features about the products and the wash care.

✅ You must include the ratings, reviews, and quotes of the real customers. 

3. Use Structured Data Markup For The Rich Snippets

After you have improved your product content, it is time for you to explore some technical features that you can start adding to your ecommerce site. One of the most crucial features that you must take care of is the structured data markup. To be precise, the structured markup offers even more details regarding your product before it permits even a single user on your website. It also aids your website to rank for the Rich Snippets, which is a kind of search feature of Google that is most common in the ecommerce world. 

The star ratings and the review count are equally important for SEO and also for acquiring more click throughs when you show up in the search results if you consider the importance of SEO in E-commerce. It has been seen that almost half of the consumers would not look twice at a product having less than 4 stars. 

4. Enhance Your Website Structure & Navigation

Individual ecommerce websites are different from one another. The average amount of time a user spends on a specific website before making up their mind to leave the site is just 10-20 seconds. If your website offers hard to navigate routes, or your categories are disorganised and if the users are not drawn towards your website or brand within that time frame, then they are surely going to go away. This is the reason why improving your website structure and navigation is pivotal not just for the purpose of SEO, but for the user experience in general as well. 

Two main components must be considered for this tip. The very first is improving the navigation that can be done by adding a feature known as “breadcrumbs”. The breadcrumb navigation is a form of the website navigation that displays the users where actually they are within the hierarchy of a website without having to constantly check the URL. The breadcrumb navigation is also seen in the Google search results in the SERPs.

The second important thing is the URL structure. You will have to go for as neat a URL structure as possible. Here is an example. 

  • Messy URL:

  • Neat URL:

The clean or neat URLs are intended for both Google and your visitors for enhancing the usability and the accessibility by being meaningful and intuitive.

5. Remove The Broken Links & Optimise Your 404 Page

The SEO rules have already dictated that the broken links are already considered to be negative. They not only just affect your website performance, but they also simultaneously impact the experience of the customer. If you are attempting to interlink with the broken URLs that are product pages and categories, then you are pushing the users in the dead tracks. Some might click around to new pages and stay while most others will prefer to leave your website at once. 

On using the various Ecommerce SEO tools as have already been discussed, you would be able to learn about the number of broken links present in your website and also receive a list of the broken links that you have to fix as soon as possible. You will also have to go ahead and unlink the broken link from where it has been used on your website. You must also lessen the hassle by installing any plugin that will automatically resolve the issues with the broken links. 

It is possible that some of the broken links go undetected or that you might have some. This does not mean a lot if you have a proper 404 handy. This page can be used to navigate the users to the various parts of your website for discovering the latest products.

6. Secure Your Online Store With HTTPS

Beinga  store owner, you collect some personal information or PII from the customers following individual purchase, every signup via the email and every SMS that they opt in. In such a condition, you would definitely want to ensure that all their information collected is encrypted and safe. 

This is however obvious from the trust perspective of a customer. If someone is browsing your ecommerce website and doesn't feel safe, they might bounce to somewhere else. If you require another reason to do this, then you must listen that Google has already declared “HTTPS” as a ranking factor for the websites. That being said, most of the quality websites have shifted to HTTPS from HTTP.

Most of the ecommerce platforms either offer SSL standards on their platform or make it easily available for purchasing. In this article, this is the most basic May Day Ecommerce SEO Tips. However, it is fundamental to the success of your online store.

7. Optimise Your Page Loading Speed

For a while now, it has been known that Google has been constantly prioritising page speed as one of its major ranking factors. From a practical point of view, page speed is good enough to connect the buyers with the relevant products that they have been looking for in as little time as possible.

Keep in mind the earlier statistics referenced in this article regarding the 10-20 seconds is the average time that the users spend on the websites before leaving. A slow page loading speed is sure to drive away traffic and hurt your SEO.

Creating an ecommerce website that quickly loads is quite easier said than done. Thus, we have listed some of the probable solutions that you must do in order to reduce the page load time of your website if it still persists. 

Reduce The Image File Sizes

This can be achieved in a few ways. If you have the budget, you can definitely look into a Content Management System (CMS) for hosting your images, videos, audios and so on. This must help reduce some of the stress on your website. However, a budget-friendly method is to integrate with a file optimising app and choose options from freemium to paid. 

Minimise JavaScript & CSS

You must streamline your page speed by eliminating any of the unnecessary codes using the shorter variables and functions. Your SEO would be better if you engage in fewer bytes of data that is required to load your web pages. You can also use the free page insights tool of Google to receive an overview of the metrics that they make use for measuring the page performance. 

Add Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is when your videos, images and audio do not load until a user scrolls past it on your web page, instead of loading everything at once. As the ecommerce website possesses loads of product images and videos, this is an awesome way to improve your SEO as well as performance immediately. 

Some of the ecommerce site builders possess lazy loading options that are available by default. And for the websites that do not offer it by default, you have to integrate it. 

8. Make Your Store Mobile Friendly

Back in 2019, Google had announced that it will be crawling the websites with the help of its mobile device crawler. This means that it will scan the mobile version of your website to weigh its performance against its benchmarks and rank you accordingly. Although Google is very secretive regarding the way it crawls and ranks the websites, here are a couple of things that they are looking for and includes:

✅ Making sure both your desktop and mobile versions contain the similar content.

✅ Ensuring that your images and videos are optimised for mobile viewing.

✅ Ensuring that your on-page advertisements do not inhibit the mobile experience. 

A good rule of thumb for the ecommerce merchants is to review your pages on the mobile prior to publishing them and making sure that the content as well as the browsing experience are similar. 

9. Acquire Backlinks For Your Pages, Products & Categories

A backlink is when another website links to one of your products, blogs, pages or other content. This points to Google that this other website views your content as authoritative and figured that it was worth linking to. The more quantity and quality of backlinks your website possesses, the more likely your website will rank.

Backlinks are one of the most effective methods for scaling up your Ecommerce SEO and earn referral traffic from the various other websites. However, earning these links can be a challenging task. There are a few ways to increase your chances for earning links such as:

Guest Content On Other Websites

If you possess brand partners or are friends with the people at the other companies, you can check if their marketing team would permit you to write for them. This is a near-guaranteed link back to all of your top pages. 

Pay To Affiliate Websites

If you have some budget, you can go ahead and pay the affiliate websites for listing your products on their blogs. It is sure that they will earn a cut for individual sales coming from their blog, and you might have to pay them in the bid to get listed. However, this would get more visibility and sales to your brand. 

Producing Amazing Content

You can also earn organic links with the help of creating content that the people want to link. The standards for the quality content are much higher than ever. Additionally, you have to undergo proper content marketing.

For the experienced digital marketers, they can deploy the advanced ecommerce link building strategies like building the broken links, reverse image search link building, the statistics roundups and various other methods. 

10. Link Internally To Your Pages, Products & Categories

While the backlinks are pretty tough to acquire organically, there is however a linking exercise that you can do to have a more immediate impact on your best ecommerce SEO. This practice is internal linking.

When you link your products, blog pages and categories internally, you actually pass the link equity to that page. The more internal links that are pointing to the specific pages or products, the more of the signal you are providing to Google that it must prioritise this page. 

Internal linking is not the only best practice of SEO, but there are specific signs that work. In a test by Andrew Dennis of the SEJ, he has found out that by linking internally to the specific pages, he was able to increase their organic traffic.

Apart from SEO, linking internally to your products in all of those “How-To” or “Top 10” blogs that you write will help the customers to discover new products that you have to offer. When they click-through and drive up your referral traffic, this creates a win-win situation for your brand.

11. Never Create Duplicate Content Or Listings

It is hard to avoid duplicate content with the whopping number of product listings, categories, product descriptions and titles on your website that mostly sound similar. But managing the duplication is pivotal for offering more of your content a fair chance to rank. Here are some ways to fight the issue:

Write Unique Product Description

If your brand is engaged in selling various products from multiple sellers or manufacturers, it is easy to just enter in the descriptions and the details that they provide. The issue is when the other brands do this, you end up publishing similar content in more numbers. What you can do is add more unique points to your descriptions to stand out.

Audit All Your Categories

Narrowing down your categories can be difficult from the initial stages of your ecommerce brand and as you grow, you are likely to expand into new categories. However, you have to be mindful of not duplicating your categories in the website. 

If you are new to the ecommerce brand, then you must stick to a primary keyword for your category. You can also use the keyword research example from earlier for discovering a keyword that you want to begin targeting. If you are already an established ecommerce company, you must run a website audit and check if you have duplicate categories. 

For example, if you have a category named “Umbrellas For Men” and simultaneously other categories such as “Men’s Umbrellas” or “Umbrella Meant For Men”, then this would likely cannibalise one another and additionally hurt your SEO.


The growing organic traffic has never been that easy and it is specifically challenging for the ecommerce brands these days. However, this does not mean that it is completely impossible. By following at least a couple of the May Day Ecommerce SEO Tips and best practices listed in this article, you will definitely increase your organic traffic. 

At this point, you might ask if the results from the SEO Ecommerce tips and tricks come in right away just like the PPC campaigns. To answer this, it can be stated that obviously not. SEO has been a long game having consistent focus. With enough patience as well as hard work towards your SEO, it will be a tool to drive steady business for your brand for the coming years and also reduce the reliance on the paid ad campaigns.


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