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10 Best Online Reputation Management Books Successful Digital Marketers Followed

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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If you visit Amazon, you would see for yourself that around 1,000 books having “online reputation” as their title have occupied the book space. Thus, digital marketers possess plenty of options when researching a topic is considered. But it is difficult to tell which ones are worth it. We do not want you to waste your money on something that will not benefit you. Thus, we have done our own research and enlisted 10 best online reputation management books that the successful digital marketers have loved and recommended. 

10 Best Online Reputation Management Books You Must Read 

That being said, your goals also determine which books would be beneficial for you. If you have a different goal than another digital marketer, after searching for “is online reputation management important”, then you might not want to own books that does not help you reach your goals. 

However, you can definitely read all the books and take the best part from the books. Additionally, you must also be aware of the types of online reputation management. But for a deeper dive into the world of online reputations, here are 10 ORM books at your disposal.

1. Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers - Jay Baer

Depending on the extensive proprietary study of where, how and why we complain, the Hug Your Haters form the case that the companies must take all the customer complaints very seriously followed by investing in the customer service as a priority and also develop the appropriate processes for internally handling the complaints. 

The author has also explained how to exactly deal with the haters making use of the specific play-books and formulas from the Fortune 500 companies. You will additionally gain an insight on the ways to embrace complaints, put the negative comments to work for you and convert the bad news into good outcomes. 

2. Establishing, Managing and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices - Kevin Pho 

It is possible that you are not a very big social media user, but you never know your patients might be. They might rely on various social media platforms when they are looking for a doctor or a medical practice. This comprehensive guide to the physicians as well as social media includes the insights from practising physician and author Dr. Kevin Pho. The author offers all the healthcare providers advice on branding themselves on the major social media networks, the insider tips on responding to the online ratings and a guide to the most prominent healthcare review websites.

3. Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age - Gini Dietrich 

Maximum of the PR books lets you know how to spin the message. However, one of the best organizational management books,  “Spin Sucks” focuses on teaching you how you can communicate honestly, openly, responsibly and authentically. The author is a PR thought leader and blogger who has created this actionable guide for the business leaders who relies on the fact that there are various new rules of communication but are unaware of how to capitalise on them. This book lets you learn how you can share your story even more powerfully, humanizing your organization, creating fresh content and also handling online criticism, amongst many other lessons.

4. Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans - David Meerman Scott 

In this one of the best online reputation management books, the business growth strategist David Meerman Scott and the fandom expert Reiko Scott explores the neuroscience of fandom and also interview young entrepreneurs, nonprofits and other companies as well as veteran business owners to pinpoint the practices that separates the organisations that flourish from all those that plateau. Their roadmap will always aid you to convert the customers’ zeal into buying power by making use of the examples from the organisations that include MeUndies, HeadCount, Hagerty and HubSpot. 

5. How to Protect (or Destroy) Your Reputation Online - John P. David 

This best ORM strategy book gets into the dark side of the internet and also explains how they can respond to the negative search engine results, reviews of the products and the various other unfortunate situations. You can read about removing the content from the search results, responding to the online attacks, managing the online reviews and making use of the marketing strategies that enhance your bottom line. Simultaneously, the author also covers the ways to deal with the hate blogs, the “right to be forgotten” by Google, the business of online complaint sites and more.

6. Managing Online Reputation: How to Protect Your Company on Social Media - Charlie Pownall 

This particular book draws on the interviews with the environmental activists, It security, media and IP lawyers, emergency response, digital forensics and the search engine marketing professionals for determining how the companies should plan for the hostile online incidents. The practical guide for protecting and defending the name of your organization, image and reputation carefully examines the threats that are posed by social media and the internet. It also offers various strategies to respond to the digital hostility, leaks and data breaches.

7. The 18 Immutable Laws of Corporate Reputation: Creating, Protecting, and Repairing Your Most Valuable Asset - Ronald J. Alsop 

The author of this book had been a reporter at the Wall Street Journal where he had witnessed the implosion of Enron and had watched  as a scandal rocked the Catholic Church. He is a lot more experienced in crisis management. Through this priceless book he offers 18 rules for creating a solid corporate reputation and protecting it via fair weather and the stormy seas. These pages aim to offer a holistic view of the reputation that is capable of answering the “why” of your ORM strategy. 

8. Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management - Bill Coletti 

In the book “Critical Moments”, the corporate communications expert Bill Coletti had strategized the reputational excellence through meeting the needs as well as the expectations of the public. He also guides his readers through the four A’s such as Awareness, Assessment, Authority and Action. This is supposed to help develop the situational understanding of your company in addition to operational risks, research agenda and action plan for recovering and growing your online reputation. 

9. Online Reputation Management Guide: 280 Expert Tips for Improving Your Personal Reputation Management - Adam Gold 

This book aims to offer a treasure of ideas for helping you to substantially improve your online reputation and includes the ORM best practices, the little known tips and the learnable skills. The book is considered to be one of the most famous management books. The author took enough positive initiatives to bust the online reputation management (ORM) myths. He has also simultaneously offered industry tested solutions to marketing challenges that range from personal growth to effective management methods. 

10. Fame and Fortune: How Successful Companies Build Winning Reputations - Charles J. Fombrun and Cess van Riel 

This is an introductory book whose primary features are data-heavy visuals that shows how to enhance your business reputation as a whole. Cess van Riel and Charles J. Fombrun have presented an excellent roadmap that offers real-world case studies from the well renowned companies such as FedEx, which shows the method to measure the reputation of a company, estimate the business value and also systematically enhance it over short term and the long run. 

Key Takeaways

These are just a few best online reputation management books that are mostly suggested by the successful digital marketers to all the aspirants and to those who have not had the luck to read these. Apart from these best books on reputation management, there are a couple of other books that also come into notice such as Civility in the Digital Age by Andrea Weckerle, Mechanics of Online Reputation Management by Tyler Collins, Social Media Crisis Communications by Ann Marie Van den Hurk, Social Media Risk & Governance by Phil Mennie, The Social Media Strategist by Christopher Barger, and Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday to name a few.


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