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Boost Paid Media Campaign

8 Steps To Boost Your Paid Media Campaign

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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A paid media campaign is the campaign where you pay that includes PPC ads and remarketing as well. It is different from organic or search engine optimization because it is a medium for companies to promote their content through paid platforms. For example social media ads and display ads. 

What Do You Mean By Paid Media Campaign And Why Is It Important?

As the name suggests, a paid media pilot campaign costs you money. Keeping that in mind it is very important to initiate a thorough strategy and apply consistent analysis and experimenting. This way you can decrease your chance of losing money and at the same time increase your chance to make an impact on your brand. 

In the end, you can decide whether it's best to change gears or scale up your pilot into a legitimate program. With that, some of the paid media campaign examples include GoogleAds, Social Media Ads, etc.  

8 Steps For Your Paid Media Pilot

There are various types of paid media in digital marketing but the strategy remains the same for all. Let us break down the paid media strategy into 8 steps that will be easy for you while implementing. Also you can download various paid media strategy templates from the internet. 

  • Take 10% of your monthly budget

Use 10% of your monthly budget for a pilot for best paid media campaign. You will surely not use your whole budget; so a solid 10% for building your brand is worth it. It will be no hard if you spend that amount, but you will surely see good returns from that. 

  • Apply a target CPA

Ask yourself what is the expected CPA that you want to have for getting a conversion from this network. 

After determining an estimate you will be applying for that CPA. Always set a low, medium as well as a high range. Throughout the paid media pilot creation process keep remembering your team that it's the number that you have to hit in order to reach your goal.

  • You should have landing pages, ads and proper targeting for your paid media campaign

Before you start any paid media marketing, ensure that you have everything ready so that you won't have to fumble while the process is on. 

Ensure your networks are prepared by accumulating all the ads, landing pages, and all the targeting that you will need. This is the way to obtain success on the network. There is nothing worse than fumbling with materials when the process has already started. So be organized and ready with all your stuff.

  • Set a period for your paid media campaign

Make sure that you run a campaign for at least 3 months. If you start an ad campaign and run that for a week or two you will never get the data that you need for the long run. 3 months is the minimum for the campaign. You will be using that 10% of your monthly budget that you keep aside at this time. 

  • Review your results

After your 3 months pilot is over you will have to review your results that have been derived from that campaign. Take into account every piece of information, nothing is less important in your long term evaluation process.

  • Compare your results with other networks

At this point, you will realize how your ads and landing pages perform. You will also know your CPA and your target audiences. Take this data from a 3 month campaign and compare that with other ad networks that you are running. 

For this, you will compare your results from a CPA perspective and a Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) perspective. Evaluate whether the results are worse or better than your set goal. This way you can decide your future campaigns. 

  • Formulate ads you think might beat your winner

Make new landing pages for testing and ensure to build it to beat your campaign winner. In this process, you are going to create ads that are better than your previous ones to yield better results. 

Repeat that same process with new landing pages and target audience. The main motto is to keep in that it worked and add better things. With so many digital marketing tools things can be made interesting. 

  • Review the results after another quarter

After three months, review your results. At that time you will be standing for six months. By that time you will have a huge amount of data to determine whether the pilot is working or not. You will also start to understand your creative strengths and CPA.   


The above mentioned points are the extension of running a practice budget and continuing to repeat the paid media process. Follow the step by step and you will have a well greased paid media campaign in just six months. So if you were wondering what is paid social media campaigns, then you must have got your answers by now. This falls under paid ad campaigns. You can avail this service from any digital marketing service provider.




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