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10+ Important Parental Cybersecurity Tips For The Mothers Out There

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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Do you have kids? Are you working from home? Well, kids are kids and even if you work from home, your kids need to be protected from cyber crimes. Cybersecurity is a regular practice that you need to maintain for you, your family and even your children! But, while considering your child being at home and you working hard for your livelihood, it is very challenging to maintain the digital security of your kids. So, should you restrict them from using your phone, laptops or computers? Well not! Thus, we bring to you 10+ best parental cybersecurity tips that will keep you covered this National Safe Motherhood Day.

Does My Child Really Require Cybersecurity Guidance?

Of course! You are enjoying digitalization and so are your kids. While you might be aware enough to keep yourself secured but your child is completely unaware of such inconvenient incidents that occur on a regular basis, DIGITALLY. You definitely invest your time to keep your children physically secured by offering outdoor safety tips for preschoolers like all other mothers do but might miss out on the digital space. 

As per a recent study, the kids are the easiest target of a cyber bully online spreading embarrassing, humiliating, harassing, or damaging communication via the internet or via cell phones by text or picture messages. The results of such bullying can be much more devastating. It has been seen that owing to such cyber-bullying, children have skipped school, ruined their friendships and in extreme cases suicide has also been seen.

Additionally, if your children are using your mobile phones or tablets, they might want to explore more in the contents of the device. They might get into your banking profiles and might unknowingly place an order on any online shop or might accidentally delete any crucial information that you do not want to lose. You would often spot such incidents while surfing the internet. Even if you lose your data, you can conduct data recovery taking the help from the professionals or at the primary levels use the data recovery software.

10+ Parental Cybersecurity Tips That The Mothers Must Take Care Of

Before we jump straight into the top tips to follow, let us talk about something more. These tips are especially curated for the working mothers who spend more time outside and are unable to spend mostly with their children. In such a scenario, it becomes important to secure your children in all possible ways. But does that mean the non-working mothers do not need to follow these tips? Absolutely not! These parental cybersecurity tips are for both kinds of mothers, or just the “mothers” in general.

1. Make The Device’s Screen Visible

Keeping the device in a properly visible area permits you to offer your child their independence without interrupting your duty to ensure that they are on the track. Additionally, it also restricts them sitting idle or isolated in a different room for extended periods.

2. Enable The Parental Controls

Irrespective of what device your children are using, you need to make sure that you have enabled the parental controls on individual devices and that you monitor them frequently. In doing so, you are not intruding their independence and you enjoy your peace of mind without having to micromanage throughout.

3. Stick To A Routine

Without exaggerating the obvious, you are required to maintain a routine that is directly connected to maintaining sanity. Consistently waking up and preparing, in addition to little playtime before sending them to the school, actually gets them ready for the day. It permits you to enjoy some quality time with them, work on the tasks that are not that critical and ease your way to your work. It also works throughout the day so that you are in touch with their needs without having to sacrifice your precious collaboration time that you might require with your co-workers. 

4. Do Not Post Photos With Location

You might realize that you are a social butterfly or possess a humorous observation on the insanity that you might be experiencing at a grocery store. In either way, you must never post anything that discloses your location or post photos where your location is tagged until you reach home. You will never want the criminals or people with wrong intentions to know about your whereabouts or keep a track of you, especially if you leave your kids and teens alone at home. 

5. Let Your Kids Teach You

This could be a win-win situation. You receive an opportunity to engage with your child and also notice what they are actually working on via their eyes and validate that they are using it appropriately. This enables you to secure them from offering any valuable information that they are not supposed to share.

6. Monitor The Browser History

The browser history plays an important role in determining your kids’ digital footsteps. They are not smarter than you to hide or clean their browser history before you get to their devices. Monitoring their browser history will help you learn what websites they are visiting, what they are probably doing online, and what information they might have been spilling. You can check if they are playing Tron when they are supposed to read The Canterbury Tales. 

7. Create Centralized Charging Station

This is a tip that might freak you out at the very first place. But you will be grateful to us later if you do what exactly has been told. Charging all of the devices in a single area would help you to stay off your phone. This will offer you some extra time to spend with your kids and both of you will minimize the cyber as well as health risks simultaneously. 

8. Preserve Passwords

It is important that you preserve all the account passwords of the social media and the other websites that your children use. The passwords to the social media handles of your child serve as gold to the cyber thieves. With the passwords in hand, the malicious actors can take over the account and misuse it by posting fake news, create fraudulent ads or spam others with messages. You must also help your kids to create passwords for their social accounts. Recording the passwords will help you to get into their accounts any time you would like. 

While creating a password for your child, you are required to maintain balance between the complexity and memorability. You must know that creating longer passwords makes them even more secure. But at the same time, you need to ensure that they are short enough so that your child can easily remember them. 

You know the drill right? Include numbers and special characters in your passwords. Additionally make use of the random number and letter substitutions rather than the commonly used ones. Initialize the 2FA or two step verification for the applications that permit it. To make remembering the passwords much easier, you may employ a trusted password manager that will help remember your passwords. 

9. Provide Dedicate Devices

You must provide your child with a separate and dedicated device if it is possible. We have already covered the restrictions and the parental controls above that you must follow with the dedicated device as well. You will always want to take precautions that your child is safe and that they do not click on something on your work systems that would lead to a cybersecurity threat. This might also jeopardize all your information in addition to the information of your organization. Plus, you would also not want them to see that you checked upon the memes while your conference call is still on.

10. Educate Your Kids On Data Protection

When your child is a toddler, you make sure to talk about the “stranger” and “good and bad touch” topics. Then why would a cybercrime stranger or good and bad incidents be left out? You must stress the importance of not sharing your address as well as other personal information and also let them know the importance of cyber safety. You need to also explain that they must not share the passwords or the other sensitive stuff with their friends. 

11. Spread Cyberbullying Awareness

None of us are experts on this matter. However, it is critical that you make your child aware of how people can get vile. You are reducing the screen time which might get your kid bored. There is a potential for disaster in case you do not teach your kids respect. The surest way to avoid an incident is channelizing an open line of communication regarding their experiences online. This also extends to the creepiest people that are there online. Thus, educating your children on the predators serves as a vital step. 

12. Share A Story

If you want to win the battle of the cyber safety tips for parents versus the cyber threats, then the best thing that you can do to your kids is to keep them occupied. You can draw attention to the fun parts of the school that will at least delay some of the boredom. The additional value is that you will be alerted on how much they are actually retaining. 

Additional Steps That You Must Also Include

Below are some additional steps that you are required to adopt:

✅ Get antivirus protection for all your devices. 

✅ Keep the programs and the apps to their minimum.

✅ Update the operating systems.

✅ Avoid the non-secure web-pages.

✅ Switch the chat option for the video gaming apps and sites to “friends only”, if the option is available.

✅ Download the “YouTube Kids App” or enable the “YouTube Restricted Mode” that will filter the inappropriate content.

✅ Go online with your kids and let them understand what is good and what is bad and why they are so.

Key Takeaways

Parental cybersecurity tips for the mothers have been inevitable to keep away your kids from the detrimental cyber issues that might come anytime. Fathers must also take care of these tips and help their child to be protected and learn the goods and bads of the internet and what would happen if they are not aware while on the internet. Children and teens require help preventing further abuse before a situation goes out of control. Additionally, cyber security awareness for parents 

Like insurance, cybersecurity is an investment and it is something you tend to avoid until you require it. But this thinking of not investing in the cybersecurity concept must be avoided at all costs. If you think cybersecurity help from the best cybersecurity company is essential, you must go for it at the earliest. In cases where cyber investigation is required, you must not delay or procrastinate.


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