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Ways To Prevent Data Breaches

What Are The 5 Ways To Prevent Data Breaches?

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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What should a company do after a data breach? Data breaches can cause far more than any momentary loss. They can change your life. There can be huge complications that may arise in the lives of businesses, governments, or individuals when some sensitive information gets exposed. Being online or offline is not the factor now. Hackers can get hold of your information through the internet, text messages, Bluetooth, or even the online services used by you. So in this article, we will be discussing how to prevent data breaches.   

If you are cautious about small details then a small activity can cause a huge data breach. And above that, since many people are not aware of how modern security threats operate, they do not pay much attention to that. So what to do then? Let us find out how to deal with security breaches in recent times. 

What Is A Data Breach?

Before we go into knowing what is third party risk management and the ways to prevent data breaches, it is crucial for us to understand what is data breach. A data breach discloses information that is confidential, sensitive, and protected to a pirated person. This information in a data breach can be operated and used without any permission. 

Anyone can fall into the trap of a data breach. From an individual to a big entity and also governments. Most importantly in a data breach, others can be in trouble if the person or the entity responsible does not stay protected. 

Data breaches take place due to two weaknesses:

  • Technology
  • User behavior. 

As the connective attributes increase in our computers and mobiles, we are more prone to data breaches. With the advancement in technology, the loophole for data breaches to occur is getting created faster.  

Devices associated with the LoT sector prove the fact that we prioritize comfort more than security. 

There are many smart home products that are not well encrypted and hackers are taking advantage of such loopholes. And this problem will continue to grow, as more technologically advanced devices are coming in without proper security checks.  

So without extensive security at both the enterprise and user level, you are almost prone to risk. So to protect yourself and others first you need to understand why a data breach occurs and then we will come to how can prevent data breaches from happening. Also, we will discover the best practices to prevent data breaches. 

How Data Breaches Occur?

It is often assumed that a data breach is done by an outside hacker. Data breaches can take place from various sources like devices, email, and many more. So now you may be wondering, how to prevent email data breach. We will get to that soon after we know the exact reasons for which these breaches happen. Here’s how a data breach can take place:

  • An Accidental Insider: An instance of an accidental insider being an employee using his co-worker’s computer without any permission. He will get access to all information but that will not be authorized. So this can be called a type of data breach. 
  • A Malicious Insider: A malicious insider deliberately exposes any data about a person or an entity. This person has the authorization to view the information. But he uses that in a vicious way. 
  • Lost Or Stolen Device: It refers to an unlocked or unencrypted laptop or hard drive that has sensitive information that goes missing. 
  • Malicious Outside Criminals: These are hackers who use various hacking platforms to grab any sensitive information of a particular person or entity. 

Ways To Prevent Data Breaches

To prevent data breaches there has to be participation at all levels - from IT personals to end users and including everyone in the middle. There are many queries on how to prevent data breaches in healthcare and also in other sectors.  To attain that there are many ways to prevent security breaches which we will see in this part of the article. Third-party risks are also very important to consider. These steps will also include the preventive measures for third-party data breach 2021. 

Here are a few tools to prevent data breaches if an individual or an entity encounters such issues. 

Patching and updating software

It is very essential to be up to date with technology. So whenever there is any new software update do not hesitate to complete the updating procedures. With new updates, the security process gets more refined. This is a very important tip to prevent data breaches. 

High Grade Encryption 

Always try to maintain high grade encryption for all your sensitive data. Try applying a multi level security door that will be difficult to break through. This is an effective step for preventing third-party breaches. 

Upgrading Devices

Try to accept technological advancements. When there is any new, more secure device in the market do not hesitate to upgrade. New devices come with new security patches that will help you to prevent data breaches. This is a highly crucial step if you wish to prevent personal data breaches. 

Enforce BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a trend where the employees use their personal devices to connect to the organizational network and access all work related data from there. Try to imbibe that within your organization. It increases the security of your sensitive content.

Educate Employees

It is very important to educate your employees regarding the security risk your organization can be in. Along with that, you have to teach them how they can be more secure and cautious and make them follow such security guidelines. 

What Damage Can Data Breach Do?

The damage caused by a data breach can be varied. The effect of your data getting leaked can bring your reputation, your organization, and your finance at stake. 

  • For Individuals: The major threat to data breach victims is the loss of identity. A data breach can leak everything, from your social security numbers to your bank details. Once a hacker gets access to all these details they can engage in different illegal activities. Individuals often keep their things in the cloud. So the answer to how to prevent data breaches in the cloud is available in the above segment. 
  • For Business Organizations: A data breach can cause terrible damage to the reputation and finance of an organization. There are many organizations such as Equifax, Yahoo, and Target that have been victims of the data breach. So if you are wondering, how can companies prevent data breaches, the above mentioned preventive measure will be at their rescue. 
  • For Government Organizations: A data breach in any government organization can mean exposure of highly confidential information to foreign parties. They may include military operations, political activities, and also information about the national infrastructure. So leakage of such information can be of great threat to the government and also its citizens. 


It can be finely concluded that with the correct professional in keeping your data secure with relevant processes you can prevent data breaches. In this high tech savvy era we cannot ignore the possibilities of a data breach. So all that we can do is be attentive and cautious on our approaches and take required comprehensive security measures.



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