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Cyber Security Pen Testing Can Save Your Company

Companies are the storehouses of a humongous amount of data which of course are prone to vulnerabilities. Each and every organization possesses a variety of vulnerabilities through which a hacker could easily get into the resources of the company without the authorization of the company authorities. Having such an alarming possibility, there is absolutely no doubt that certain rigid measures need to be taken in order to verify both the latest and the existing applications for any of the vulnerabilities in the company. Pattern Drive Private Limited’s penetration testing services put in every effort to discover the vulnerabilities in your network or the system. We also find out ways in which we can remove or lower the risk that is associated with them. Cyber security pen testing can be carried out both manually and as well as implementing the penetration testing tools. Although the penetration tests are carried out for the vulnerability assessment, yet it can also be carried out for additional security.

Why Would You Need Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is carried out for various reasons that could save your company from potential flaws and vulnerabilities:

  • Testing of the vulnerability detection capabilities
  • Testing the response to the identified threats
  • Simulation of some of the common threats to the organizations
  • Simulation of the existing threats utilizing the manual testing approach
  • Validation of both the internal and external security controls


Various Pen Testing Techniques Pattern Drive Private Limited Focuses On

Three types of penetration testing techniques are utilized by the pen-testers viz., manual penetration testing, utilizing the automated penetration testing tools and the third and the most effective one is the combination of both the manual and the automated process. The reason behind the third technique to be most effective is the fact that it possesses the capability to identify the vulnerabilities of all kinds.

Thus, we at Pattern Drive Private Limited, one of the major corporate solutions indulge in the best penetration testing techniques which is the third one, that is combining both the manual testing and the automated scanning technique. We make sure that we dedicate our complete effort in offering the top-notch services that would be beneficial for your company in the long run.

How Exactly Do We Perform Pentesting At Pattern Drive Private Limited

In order to provide the best results possible to our clients, we at Pattern Drive perform cyber security pen testing using the following methodologies:

Collection of Data

In order to get the target system data, various methods including the Google search are implemented. One may also use the web page source code analysistechnique to receive more information about the system, software and the plugin versions. There are several free tools and services made available in the market that can give you the information such as database or table names, database versions, software versions, the hardware used and various third party plugins used in the target system.

The pen testing team of Pattern Drive Private Limited implements the best techniques to collect data which obviously is far from the free tools and services that offer limited resources.



Vulnerability Assessment

On the basis of the collected data in the initial step, we find out the security weaknesses in the target system. This aids the pen testers to launch attacks taking the help of the identified entry points in the system.

Vulnerability Exploitation 

Our skilled professionals utilize the most effective techniques to launch an attack on the target system.

Analysis of Result and Preparation of Report

At the end of all the penetration testing, we carefully prepare detailed reports for carrying on corrective actions. All the identified vulnerabilities and the recommended corrective measures are listed in the reports. We also provide vulnerability reports in customized formats as per the need of your organization.

Why Are We Important For Your Company?

Every company reaches out for the best penetration testing company to secure the data of their brand so that there is less possibility of a data breach or if there is one, the effect must not be that massive. We integrate the best and the latest techniques available in the market. We have a specialized team of security experts who work together to rescue the client’s company in all possible way. We are consistent and passionate in what we do and have by the time gained a massive client base. We extend our services to various parts of the world and India such as penetration testing in Karaikal, pen-testing in Mahe, pen tests in Pondicherry, pentesting in Yanam and much more.