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Cyber Security and Penetration Testing To Uplift Your Brand Image

We are one of the most famous and established penetration testing companies, who have been regularly reporting the quality projects for clients across the globe to make the services better. Some of our long-awaited customers include international industry leaders across different sectors like cybersecurity and penetration testing, banking, financial services, telecom, technology, famous websites and various government entities. We specialize in the whole spectrum of penetration testing capabilities which are right from collecting data to vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and reporting. We have a wide range of services like penetration services in Santo Domingo, expert pen testing in Santiago de los Caballeros, ethical hackers in Santo Domingo Oeste and along with that pen testing in Santo Domingo Este.


Our Approach To Combat Security Breaches

Penetration Testing makes that part of a safety assessment balance which tries to imitate the techniques taken by hackers in order to take on the target systems. At Pattern Drive private Limited, our penetration testing methodology is well aligned with established standards and practices mixed with our extensive experiences.

Types Of Cybersecurity And Penetration Testing That We Offer To Our Clients

Web Application Security Testing: In this type of penetration test, we judge the safety of the application by noting down on isolated exploitable weaknesses, application architecture, design and its interpretation. We also search the images with the respect to user allowances, privilege levels and scores and delivery of results, and overall design of the applications. This helps to provide the net threat portfolio of your web application system.

Network Penetration Testing: This type of penetration test involves noting the aims through Google searches, WHOIS, DNS queries, etc. Fingerprinting and noting the vulnerabilities. The exploitation of these loopholes might depend on whether it is part and parcel of the communication or not. Limited misuse is always done according to the terms of password guessing. Before going for stronger attack methodologies such as Denial of Service attacks, Buffer Overflow exploits, etc., we take pre-written permission from the management so as not to serve a cause on prospective fallouts from any such exploitation methods in cybersecurity services.


Automated port identification: In large and very huge networks, what is needed is an automated way to see and scan a large range of IP addresses, determine what ports are open, and try to locate the service running on those portals. Pattern Drive Private Limited provides a safe and secure portal to its clients, where people can log in, enter their ranges of data, run the scans, see the reports and collate with previous scans. Pattern Drive reaching far and beyond with Penetration Testing in República Dominicana.

Risk-based Penetration Testing: The need of the hour is for the penetration testing team to understand the business risks which are associated with the application and build test cases in accordance with the clients’ requirements. Be it an ERP system or a mobile application; at Pattern Drive our first step is to always understand the flow of the application, the business processes and services around the system. Once the automated scanning jobs are over, then our real solution comes into play leveraging our database of test cases as mixed with our strong understanding of business processes across different industries. This process then might also include social engineering threats and attacks along with threat modelling, and other methods that might not be typical of a conventional penetration testing exercise.

Why Pattern Drive Private Limited Should Be Your Pen Test Partner

Our penetration testing service is a highly creative, out-of-the-box engagement, and often predicaments in new weaknesses being observed or a new tool being made from such an exercise. Our teams are highly enthusiastic and dedicated to doing as an inclusive assessment. The team members of Pattern Drive Private Limited (Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing) are also actively dedicated to security and development research initiatives. We take pride in ourselves in providing a quality report to our clients during our security assessment sessions with them. Our client testimonials are the strongest testimony for our work quality and deliverables and serve as great proof.