Data Mining

Data Mining & Its Scope In Contemporary Businesses

Mining of Data has been a major lookout for contemporary businesses as it has  held massive importance in the field. Data is the biggest asset of a company that can be used both in the negative and the positive aspect which can make or break a company at any time. Data has got two facets of which one is the raw version while the other being the processed one. Considering the importance, both types of data are equally crucial for any modern business. With the emergence of data and its rampant influence, comes the concept of data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is a methodology that is in use by the companies to convert raw data into useful information proving beneficial for the companies. By indulging in the data mining techniques, businesses can aim to learn more about their customers through patterns in large databases in order to develop more effective marketing strategies and thereby increase sales and decrease cost in a broader sense. Mining of data is dependant on the effective data collection, warehousing and computer processing. Data mining processes are utilized to build machine learning models that are meant to power applications and are inclusive of search engine technology and website recommendation programs. Data are mined to be used in a variety of ways viz., credit risk management, database marketing, fraud detection, filtration of spam emails and sometimes to discern the sentiment or opinion of the users.

Some of the examples in this regard can be stated as – the grocery stores. They are well-known users of data mining techniques. Many of the supermarkets offer free loyalty cards to its customers providing them access to the products at a reduced or discounted price, which otherwise is not available to the other customers. These cards play a major role in monitoring who is purchasing what, the time of purchases and in what prices. The data collected through this card are analyzed in order to offer customers coupons targeted to their buying habits and decide when to put items on sale or when to sell them at full prices.

Data Mining Services Incorporated At Pattern Drive Private Limited

Pattern Drive Private Limited is one of the best contemporary corporate solutions offering data mining services to uplift the existing condition of the client’s company and take it to a newer level. We are capable of providing high-end data mining services that incorporate:

Business Analysis

Our data miners join hands with the in-house team of the clients and work as an extension to the existing team in the bid to analyze the dimension of their business and develop techniques, which are in tune with their requirements.

Data Collection

We as a powerful team mine the existing databases for the accumulation of relevant data in regard to client’s business, competitors and customers while identifying hidden business patterns facilitating an effective decision-making process. We accumulate and assemble various customer details such as names, postal addresses, email addresses, their purchase patterns, purchase histories and related.

Profiling and Segmentation

After the data collection, our professionals create customer profiles and segment them on the basis of purchase history, geographies, demographics and various other factors.

Data Standardization

We at Pattern Drive Private Limited clear up and standardize the collected raw data, process it and deliver it to you in a file format that is well supported for both your business and your requirements.

Data Validation

Our highly talented professionals engage in the validation of the information the make sure that all the processed data is authentic and up-to-date.

What Led To Our Success?

We, the team members of Pattern Drive Private Limited prove to be our best on the following parameters:


We boast our quality of work and prudence. We believe in quality rather than focussing particularly on the quantity, which definitely increases our efficacy in the field. We bank on frequent demands.


Our passion is mostly fueled by the thought process that triggers us to deliver more than satisfactory results. We firmly bind to the time frame for the delivery of the project on or before the deadline.

Value-Added Innovations

We are always focussing on innovation that aids us add more values to your entity. We implement the best ever data mining tools that assure a promising result. Furthermore, it fuels the business strategies to harvest heavy production and finally yield rich revenues.


Feedback from our valuable clients paves the way for our growth and reputation. It helps us improve on our services and methodologies we adopt.