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IT Network Security Penetration Testing Will Make IT Systems Secure

Threats have increased considerably in the past decade and security officers of all the organizations are always at the heels. Cyber threats have been at the top of the agenda for almost all organization because every Information technology infrastructure (IT) has been vulnerable to Cyberattacks. So to tackle the menace most of the companies conduct IT Network security penetration testing on a regular basis so as to keep their data and information safe. Not at all companies can serve you in this regards and organizations with specific and exact skill set can conduct an effective penetration test on your information technology systems. The entire process is carried out by pen test teams. Pattern Drive Private Limited conducts penetration testing in a very smooth and effective manner and offers various penetration testing services.

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Why Should You Implement Penetration System on your IT security Systems?

Penetration Test is the process where a well-coordinated cyber-attack is carried out on the targeted device for the purpose of finding out the vulnerability in the systems. The purpose of the test is to evaluate and identify security vulnerability or spot out any weaknesses inside the system. This is, in fact, the most important process as cyber attackers and threat actors use the potential vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access inside the system. It is these vulnerabilities that companies actually need to pay attention to and fix it accordingly. Security testing in Bolivia is where the understanding is in the process of where the most important and specific professionals at work and are fully committed at discovering the vulnerability that may lay hidden in the system. When there is an issue in the system inside the system Penetration testing services is important and vital because it insulates the system from future attacks.

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Pattern Drive’s Tried and Tested Penetration Testing Method

Pattern Drive Private Limited Company approach is very unique and different from its competitors which involve consulting with our clients. Our approach is being highly praised by our clients. Below are the steps that we carry out while we implement penetration testing for our clients and customers. 

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  • Logistics and Controls: This is the most significant component that is often overlooked by the organization but is the key to delivering quality penetration tests. The purpose of the test is to spot out the red flags and increase the chances of success before all the modules are launched in the real environment. We at Pattern Drive Private Limited take special care in finding out in advance the problems that might trouble or hinder the future progress and stop it from taking a clear run test. So running a pre-test before the launch is the key to running a successful pen test.
  • Advanced Investigation: Pattern Drive begins all its pen tests with a combination of social and technical It is to be kept in mind that social observation is not the same as social engineering. The goal of the former is to extract information that might lead to compromising the target. We take the entire factor into consideration and conduct a thorough test on all the devices and application that might be vulnerable or have certain loopholes that can be exploited. For the reasons, we house all the latest penetration testing tools that make the takes easier and also save time.
  • Analysis: After the social and technical reconnaissance task is complete, we enter the next stage: analysis. In this stage, information gathered is correlated and an attack matrix is prepared. The matrix actually shows all the penetration attack vectors along with the successful penetration probability. Nothing is left to chance if not proven otherwise and this is carried out by our expert pen-testing teams.
  • Real-Time Dynamic Testing: Once enough critical and vital data is being gathered, we start our penetration testing efforts. While common pen testing tools used to solve problems, a manual research-driven is uncovered a vulnerability in a complex problem.

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