Negative Content Removal

The world has been taken over by the internet and slowly and steadily the companies have shifted to the online platform from just the physical ones. With this major shift, came one of the biggest obstacles hindering the growth of the companies. This obstacle can be termed as Negative Content. One of the many factors that help a company maintain a better reputation online is the content of the website that acts as a window to attract valuable clients. Thus, the floating of damaging and harmful contents on the internet could prove to bring down the goodwill of the brand in no time. This is where negative content removal plays the trick.

Is It Possible To Remove Negative Content Online?

It is absolutely possible to remove negative content implementing content removal tricks by the professionals. There are various negative content removal techniques that the experts are adept at and there are various agencies around the globe offering you the most wanted content manipulation services. Pattern Drive Private Limited, one of the major corporate solutions aims to provide content removing services that are meant to bring back your lost reputation if you happen to be a victim for the same.

Although it is still a debatable question whether one can fully remove any content from the internet, there are certain answers that state various types of content removal can be done if not all. At the same time, a solution has come up for those contents which cannot be completely removed, is to push it so down that they are no more visible. It is to be noted that many online reputation management companies happen to claim to remove negative content within a very short period of time. But the fact is content removal is not an easy process that it can be done in a short time span but requires a lot of effort and may require a legal team, lawsuits, and court orders.

How Do Pattern Drive Private Limited Help Businesses and Individuals Experience Negative Content Removal?

Being the experts in the field, we aid the businesses and the individuals in the following ways:

Aiding Businesses

  • We remove information from the consumer complaint sites.
  • We remove false and damaging reviews from various rating and review websites.
  • We remove proprietary and confidential information that is obtained illegally or have been placed online without any authorization.
  • We aid in taking down the websites that are indulging themselves in the sale of counterfeit products and thereby infringing on intellectual property and branding rights like copyrights, trade dress and trademarks.

Aiding Individuals

  • We remove embarrassing media files such as images and videos from various social networking sites including mugshot websites and porn sites.
  • We eliminate posts and other information from various relationship infidelity websites.
  • We remove damaging and false information from blogs, message boards, the comment section and forums.
  • We discard unwanted material from different smear and gossip websites.
  • We remove private and personal information from the online public databases.
  • We eliminate fake profiles on professional and social networking websites.
  • We help get rid of illegal and unwanted content from the search engine indices.

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