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A Penetration Tester (a.k.a. Pen Tester or Ethical Hacker) probes for and exploits the safety vulnerabilities in web-based applications, networks, and systems. During this fascinating job, you get to use a series of penetration testing tools; some predetermined some that you design yourself, to simulate real-life cyber attacks. Your ultimate aim is to assist a corporation in improving its security.

Unlike real-life hackers, you’ll only have days to compromise systems. What’s more, you’ll be expected to document and explain your methods and findings. Penetration testing has been called one among the first frustrating jobs within the chosen field, but it’s also one among the foremost creative. You’ll have many opportunities to use your technical skills, and you’ll nearly always be thinking on your feet. At Pattern Drive Private Limited (Network Penetration testing Company), we render different sorts of ethical hacking and penetration testing to make sure that the clients get a best-in-class service with us. We have a team of professional and efficient ethical hackers who describe to you the various sorts of penetration test which is described in the below list.

Different Types Of Penetration Testing We Implement At Pattern Drive Private Limited 

  • Consensus Algorithm Testing:

One of the foremost vital things that have got to be tested is that the consensus algorithm because it is perhaps the crucial a part of the blockchain. The consensus algorithm must be checked to ascertain if it’s susceptible to the 51% attack or not.

In a network like Bitcoin, which uses Proof of labour, it’s costly to launch the 51% attack.

However, that’s not the case with several of the new coins. Let’s check out the general cost of a 51% attack on several networks that implement Proof of labour. We have extended these services to small towns of India as well we would like to expand our services in every nook and corner of the country. We have services like pen testing in Thiruvananthapuram, penetration testing in Kochi.

  • Keys and Wallets:

One of the first vital components of those projects is that the security of the utilization keys and wallets via the use of personal keys and passwords. There are two tests that a tester must execute to form the portfolios more secure:

  • Checking Password Strength: The strength of the password is entirely crucial because it is required by an attacker alongside the private key to access the user’s wallet. A natural brute force and dictionary attack are often done to aim to interrupt the password. If the password is cracked quickly then it means it’s weak.
  • Key Storage: Private Key storage is essential and is one among the guts and soul of modern-day cryptography. There are multiple methods of storage. People prefer hot and multi-signature wallets. However, it’s much preferred to use cold wallets like hardware wallets. They’re not free from hacks themselves. Penetration tests confirm that the key storage is completed in as secure a fashion as possible.

These are one of the most straightforward services that you can avail under Penetration testing in Kollam.


  • Synchronisation Testing:

Since a blockchain’s network consists of peer-to-peer nodes, it’s essential that they’re ready to synchronize between themselves. this is often why it’s imperative to check synchronization between nodes to form sure that the method is fast and efficient.

  •  Redundancy Testing:

This test reveals any and every one issue with redundancy around data sharing across nodes. Such analyses show the impact of multiple nodes failing at an equivalent time.

  •  Timejacking Attack:

Whenever a node joins a network, they have to stay track of your time, And it must be in synch with its other peer nodes. The way it does, that’s by keeping an indoor clock system, which happens to be the same because of the computed median time of all its peers.

So, if a malicious node does enter the network with an inaccurate timestamp, they’re going to have the power to change the network time counter. This might cause issues like double spending and mining resource wastage.

  •  Blockchain API Testing:

Pen tests are done to form sure that the API endpoints are free from all vulnerabilities.

  •  DDoS Attack:

It includes sending an outsized number of comparable requests to clog the network and deny the system from conducting any operations. Tests got to be done to form sure that the applications are free from potential DDoS attacks.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to penetration testing. Let’s go through some of them:

  • Helps us determine what kind of attack vectors could affect the application
  • Helps us discover the point of vulnerabilities
  • Identifies the large weaknesses that could be unearthed because of a combination of several low-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Determines the real impact of successful attacks on business and general operations.
  • It also reveals how good the security of the system is.
  • Conversely, if the order is easily broken into, then it shows the company that they need to invest in better security measurements.
  • Because of the report gained post penetration testing, the company can make all the necessary adjustments to make its operations and business better.

Keeping security attacks at bay can increase your corporate reputation and build trust among your customers as well, hence acing up your brand reputationWe have our services in website security tests in Kozhikode, penetration testing services in Kollam, etc.


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We safeguard your data with the utmost security and make sure it is safe when we are handling it. Our Penetration testers have rich experience in this field. We are transparent in our data delivery. You get a crystal clear report after the completion of your penetration test procedure. We have an expert team to integrate your needs and demands and also take care of them in the reports.