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ORM Service Provider Direct You the Way Out Of Negativity

Your online reputation management decides how others take your business once they look for or face it online. Various techniques and methods can assist you to push damaging and harmful content further down the Google program results pages (SERPs) by ranking your own or third-party more desirable material above it. Because the highest five listings in Google’s search results receive about two-thirds of all clicks and as an ORM service provider we make sure that your business listing appears on that list.

Considering these statistics, the importance of your online personal and professional reputation can’t be understated. We provide services like ORM services like Chennai, reputation management in Tamil Nadu, Corporate reputation in Madras etc.

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How We Use The Various Media  To Level Up Your Reputation Scales

At Pattern Drive Private Limited, we take care of our clients and their demands. Here is how we use various media to deliver you quality results:

  • Paid Media

We use Paid media and it includes all marketing efforts that need payment to feature your business on external websites and networks. Paid media extends your reach and drives traffic to your web properties by building new relationships with partners and customers. This is one of the prime techniques we follow when we as an Online Reputation Management Company do our job but only after we take a deeper look at your case.

  • Earned Media

We widely use earned media as it describes the coverage of your business on external web entities that you didn’t pay. This is our ability to keep your reputation management at the top shelves and make your brand visible to the entire world irrespective of the industry you do businesses in.

How Pattern Drive Analyzes Your Reputation Online

If you’ve got multiple business locations, we as an ORM Service Provider get to see which outlets are performing best and which require improvement. Here we are enlisting the different touchpoints of analysis of reputation management

  • Assessing local competitors

We measure how well your competitors manage their reputations, and provide you with clues on how you’ll improve. Break down your analysis by category, and specialize in competitor weaknesses to entice their customers so that they can give your brand a try.

  • Setting benchmarks

If you notice most competitors get a 3.5-star average on review sites, we aim that you get to urge for a 4-star review. If you need a mean of 10 reviews, aim to urge a minimum of 15. Having a target to aim for helps to motivate your reputation management efforts, makes it easier for you. As an Online Reputation Management Company, we try to make it easy for you.

  • Location Alignment

If you’ve got quite one business location, you would like to coordinate efforts between them via social media platforms. An online presence can spill over from one location to the opposite and we manage everything so you get the ultimate solution.

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Why Business Prefer Pattern Drive Private Limited

After we understand the scene during which your business functions, we design a technique to deal with it. This typically involves:

  • Business brand positioning
  • Content gap development
  • Search engine marketing strategy
  • Monitoring and Tracking
  • Content Creation and Repositioning

This is typically predicated on a stepped content development strategy that builds toward your brand’s ideal online search results.

Why Choose Us?

Pattern Drive Private Limited is one of the leading ORM service providers in the country and this is because we take proper management of our client’s brand and develop a solid online foundation.

Result Driven: Because we monitor all of our clients’ networks 24/7/365, you never need to worry that an epidemic has spread, a hacker has broken or a backup has not performed. This frees you to specialize in your customers and running your business, not on your managing your brand.

We are Proactive: Technology is ever-changing then is your company. As a result, our approach as a managed service provider is to supply technology solutions that meet your current needs to be put in focus and also as prepare you appropriately for the future.