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Be Safe Online With the Accomplished Pen Testing Services

Penetration Testing has become most vital for modern-day organization and it also becomes a common practice for most of the companies because of the risk of the data. Penetration testing is also sometimes referred to as Pen Testing which is actually the process of going through all the online asset and application that is there is there in the IT infrastructure. As data is has become the new oil for growth, protecting and safeguarding it, should be the most important criteria for the organization. pattern Drive Private Limited is, therefore, committed to protecting the new asset. We render services of penetration testing in Cuttack and also provide the corporate solution in Rourkela.

What is penetration testing?

A computing system, network, or web application to seek out vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit, simulating an attack against an organization’s IT assets.

Vulnerabilities might be thanks to multiple reasons, few basic ones being:

  • Flaws within the design of hardware and software
  • Usage of an unsecured network
  • Poorly configured computer systems, networks & applications
  • The complex architecture of computer systems
  • Plausible human errors

So, an efficient penetration testing helps find the gaps within the security tools that a corporation is using, detects multiple attack vectors and misconfigurations. So a corporation can prioritize the danger, fix it, and improve the general security reaction time. At pattern Drive Private Limited, you’ll have the environment where your website security is going to be taken care of, and our team of cybersecurity professionals will do the work for you.

Role Of Ethical Hacking To Disallow Potential Data Loss

Pattern Drive Private Limited offers the entire range of services associated with Pen testing and ethical hacking designed to spot system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures, and supply an in-depth remediation roadmap.

Our team at the company has been equipped with the latest tools and industry-specific penetration test scenarios worldwide, is ready to deliver a radical checkup to point put the weaknesses of the system, also as flaws in application, service, and OS, loopholes in configurations, and potentially dangerous non-compliance with security policies.

With us, you’ll expect excellent quality services in :

  • Network services test.
  • Web application security test.
  • Client-side security test.
  • Remote access security tests.
  • Social engineering test.
  • Physical security test.


At the top of the penetration testing procedure, we offer our customers with an in-depth set of reports and proposals to effectively eliminate the detected breaches

  • A brief description supported the achieved results and findings.
  • List of detected system vulnerabilities and their classification consistent with how easy they’re to take advantage of and the way harmful for the system and business they’ll be.
  • List of changes within the system that was implemented during testing.
  • Test protocol (including the techniques and tools used, parts, and parcels that were checked and issues found).


Why Pattern Drive Private Limited is Trusted By IT Companies

Network Security & Pen Testing Service In Orissa can have a lot of benefits for an organization because our world is mainly data-driven and securing it proper insulation

  • Reveal vulnerabilities

Even actions and habits of your staff that would cause data breaches and malicious infiltration are being researched during penetration tests. A report informs you about your security vulnerabilities. Hence, you recognize what software and hardware improvements you’ve got to think about or what recommendations and policies would improve the general security.

  • Show real risks

Penetration testers attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities. Meaning you see what an attacker could neutralize the ‘real world.’ They could access sensitive data and execute OS commands. But they could also tell you that a vulnerability that’s theoretically high risk isn’t that risky in the least due to the problem of exploitation. Only a specialist can perform that sort of analysis.

  • Test your cyber-defence capability

You should be ready to detect attacks and respond adequately and on time. Once you identify an intrusion, you ought to start investigations, discover the intruders, and block them. Whether or not they are malicious or experts testing the effectiveness of your protection strategy. The feedback from the test will tell you if – but more likely, what – actions are often taken to enhance your defence. We provide you with expert surveillance to keep the system well protected.

  • Ensure business continuity

To make sure your business operations are up-and-running all the time, you would like network availability, 24/7 communications, and access to resources. Each disturbance will hurt your business firm. During this respect, a penetration test is sort of a business continuity audit.

  • Have a Third-party Expert Opinion

When someone within your organization identifies a problem, your management might not be inclined to react or act. A report from a third-party expert often features a more significant impact on your control, and it’s going to cause the allocation of additional funds.


At Pattern Drive Private Limited, we believe in clarity and responsibility. We merge trust and experience in our services like penetration testing in Orissa. We have extended our services to pen testing services in Bhubaneshwarpenetration services in Purietc. before you reach this point, we want to make sure that you understand the whole concept of Penetration testing before you choose us. We believe in communicating the right information.