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Penetration test, also known by the name Pen test, is a legal and controlled cyberattack against your computing system to look for innate vulnerabilities within your computer system or the computer systems of your company. Within the context of web application security, penetration testing is usually used to augment an internet application firewall (WAF). Pen testing can include the tried and tested breaching of any number of application systems to uncover the faces of vulnerabilities. As per the insights brought by the experienced penetration tester, all testing methods often will not be in line with your WAF security policies and patch detected weaknesses. We have a team of professional pen testers who conduct the tests with utmost precision and have a long experience in doing so.

Steps We Follow At Pattern Drive While Making Sure Of Your Security

Following are the stages we focus on while conducting penetration testing for your brand:

Groundwork and post-planning phase

  • Defining the scope and goals of a test, including the systems to be addressed and, therefore, the testing methods to be used.
  • Gathering intelligence (e.g., network and domain names, mail server) to raised understand how a target works and its potential vulnerabilities.



 The next step is to know how the target application will answer various intrusion attempts. This is often typically done using:

  • Fixed analysis – Inspecting an application’s codes to get a measurable pathway as it notes the behaviour while running on the programs. These tools can scan everything of the system during a single pass.
  • Dynamic analysis – Inspecting an application’s code during a running state. This is often a more practical way of scanning because it provides a real-time view of an application’s performance.

 Getting permission from Authority

The professional pen tester then tries to take on these vulnerabilities generally by raising the priorities, like stealing data, catching the traffic, etc., to understand the loss that hackers can cause.

 Maintaining the access

The goal of this stage is to ascertain if the vulnerability is often wont to achieve a persistent presence within the exploited system— long enough for a nasty actor to realize in-depth access. The thought is to imitate advanced persistent threats, which frequently remain during an operation for months to steal an organization’s most sensitive data. Penetration testing in Punjab is increasing every day as we have opened services like website security testing in Jalandhar and pen testing in Patiala etc.


Final stage: Anatomy

The results of the penetration test are then made into a complete bound report: 

  • Specific vulnerabilities that were exploited.
  • Sensitive data that was accessed.
  • The amount of your time the pen tester was ready to remain within the system undetected as this will also increase your brand reputationand corporate reputation.

This information is analyzed by security personnel to assist configure an enterprise’s WAF settings, and alongside these, the different applications are checked thanks to security solutions to patch on the vulnerabilities that were exploited to be shielded from the longer-term attacks.

Penetration Testing Techniques We Implement At The Basic Level

At Pattern Drive Private Limited, there are tons of methods that we follow and along with the prescribed guidelines as issued by the legal authorities concerned with moral hacking and penetration testing. There are a few logics that we sternly comply with at our company like: 

 External Testing

 An external penetration test is the one method that targets the assets of the victimized company and is visible on the web. Like the online application, the corporate website, emails, domains, name servers (DNS). The goal is to realize unwanted attention.

 Blind Testing

 In a blind test, a penetration tester is merely given the name of the enterprise that’s being targeted. This provides security personnel with a real-time check out how an actual application assault would happen.

Why Are We The Best?

With Pattern Drive Private Limited, you get the experience of years with our team of expert pen testers. We have services like pen testing in Ludhiana, penetration testing services in AmritsarRecently we have extended our services to all the small towns of nations like Jalandhar and Patiala.