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A pen test is a designed or planned attack on a code or hardware system seeking to show the inherent security flaws that will violate system integrity and find yourself compromising user’s confidential information. Different types of penetration tests are done by the penetration testing agency, so to recognize what to hide, estimate efforts, execute with efficiency. The scope of a penetration check (i.e., the amount of intrusion) derives from the type of operation you want to explore on the target system. Therefore, a security checker should assume totally and judge upon the foremost relevant kind of penetration test. Hence, knowing the concerning various types of pen tests is what is expected from an honest pen tester.

Broad Categories of Penetration Testing Done At Pattern Drive Private Limited

Primarily, penetration tests get divided into the subsequent five classes. We at Pattern Drive Private Limited, by far the best penetration testing agency, incorporate some of the uber pen-testing services.

Network Service Tests

This type of pen test is that the most typical demand for the pen testers. It aims to get vulnerabilities and gaps within the network infrastructure of the shoppers. Since the network may have each internal and external access points, therefore it’s necessary to run tests regionally at the consumer website and remotely from the outer world.

The pen testers of the best penetration testing agency like us ought to target the following network areas in their penetration tests.

  • Firewall config testing
  • Stateful analysis testing
  • Firewall bypass testing
  • IPS deception
  • DNS level attacks that embody
  • Zone transfer testing
  • Switching or routing primarily based examination
  • Any miscellaneous network parameter testing

Also, there is a collection of code modules that the penetration testers ought to cowl:

  • SSH client/server tests.
  • Network databases like MYSQL/SQL Server.
  • Exchange or SMTP mail servers.
  • FTP client/server tests.

Internet Application Tests

It is an additional of a targetted check, also, additional intense and careful. Areas like internet applications, browsers, and their parts like ActiveX, Applets, Plug-ins, Scriptlets fall within the scope of this sort of pen-testing.

Since this check examines the top points of every internet apps that a user might need to move daily, therefore it wants thorough coming up with and time investment.

Also, with the rise in threats coming back from internet applications, how to check them are ceaselessly evolving.


Consumer-facet Tests

The goal of those tests is to pinpoint security threats that emerge regionally. As an example, there might be a flaw in a very code application running on the user’s digital computer that a hacker will exploit.

In addition to third-party code, threats might be home grownup. Victimization uncertified OSS (open supply software) to make or extend handmade applications may cause severe risks that one can’t even anticipate. Therefore, these regionally developed tools ought to additionally suffer the penetration check cycle. among the services, we offer you can avail pen testing in Patna, cybersecurity testing in Gaya, pen-testing services in Bhagalpur, expert pen testers in Muzaffarpur etc.

Wireless Network Tests

This check intends to investigate the wireless devices deployed on the consumer website. The list of devices embody things like tablets, laptops, notebooks, iPods, smartphones, etc. except the gadgets, the penetration tester in a reputed penetration testing agency ought to think about getting ready tests for the subsequent.

  • Protocols used for configuring Wireless – It’ll facilitate conclude the weak areas.
  • Access Points For Wireless Setup – It’ll change in distinctive those violating the access rights.

Usually, such tests ought to occur at the client’s finish. The hardware accustomed run pen tests ought to connect with the wireless system for exposing vulnerability.

Social Engineering Tests

This type of check additionally runs as a vital part of penetration testing. It paves ways in which for verificatory the “Human Network” of a company. This pen check imitates attacks that the workers of a corporation may plan to initiate a breach. However, it will additionally get a divergence into two subcategories.

  • Remote Tests

It intends to trick an engineer (employee) to compromise confidential information victimization electronic suggests that. The pen tester may conduct such an attack via a phishing email campaign.

  • Physical Tests

This type of check needs direct contact with the topic to retrieve the sensitive data. It would involve human handling techniques like container Diving, Imitation, Intimidation, or convert the problem via phone calls.

Please note that you should inform the acceptable individuals before conducting the social engineering penetration check. Also, keep in mind to emulate real-world exploit rather than taking part in a film scene.


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