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Security Experts and Need for Penetration Testing

Security of a company is of utmost importance as any security flaw or loophole in the company’s security systems can cause a hazard for the company from all aspects. In situations like these, people are often hesitant to share. They might think that they are already affected by compromised security and disclosing the fact might trigger more compromisation of security and information. In reality, this is not the case. The truth lies in the policy of disclosing compromised security to the security experts in order to keep your company’s security from not getting over-compromised. These penetration testing experts employ the best of the techniques so as to keep your organization secured beforehand.

What Does Penetration Testing Mean?

Penetration testing often termed as pen testing or pen-test is a sub-category of ethical hacking. Penetration testing service focuses on testing a computer system, its networks or web applications to locate the security vulnerabilities (loopholes) that a threat actor could utilize to exploit the organizational security. This particular service can be automated with the help of software applications or can be performed manually. In both the methodologies, the security researchers gather information about the target before the testing and identify the possible entry points to the threats. This is followed by the attempt to break in the security through either of the ways – virtual or real and reports back the findings.


Purpose of Penetration Testing and Role of Security Experts

Penetration tests have got a special purpose, which is to identify security weaknesses. Apart from this, the pen testing teams aim to test an organization’s security policy, how it perfectly adheres to the compliance requirements, security awareness of the employees of the particular organization and the ability of the organization to identify and respond to the security incidents.

This might lead you to one of the many questions, who handles the penetration testing results or that who comprise the pen-testing teams. To answer this, security experts are the ones who are considered the best identities for the same. Security experts, as said ‘experts’ are geniuses who work for preventing your company’s security. Online Reputation Management Companies along with the security experts could not only safeguard the security of your organization but help in turning the negative reviews to positive ones in case a breach may have affected the brand reputation somehow.

How is Penetration Testing Service in India Helping Pan India Including Andhra Pradesh?

Considering the rate of security vulnerabilities hitting the companies Pan India including Andhra Pradesh every now and then, several companies have cropped up to help the organizations for the purpose. Choosing the best amongst them has always been a difficult situation until Pattern Drive Private Limited has made its strong foothold in the field. We at Pattern Drive take severe measures to keep your company away from the hazardous security compromisation. We believe, for a fact, the best way to prevent the companies from undergoing such security compromisation is to think like an attacker. This provides us immense scope to keep your organization secured, unlike many of the companies that boast of their services.

Best penetration testing strategies that are updated are used by our team. Utilizing the best penetration testing tools along with the strategies is what has helped us create a strong foothold in the market. But, before we implement such strategies and tools, we conduct thorough research and find out the best tactics that would be highly beneficial for your organization. We provide a prioritized list of the security issues against each finding along with the truth to the situation remedies utilizing the industry-standard ranking process.


What Can You Expect From Us?

We, being one of the leading corporate solutions combating security compromisations for the businesses, provide you with a detailed description and proof of concept against each and every finding that comes with a solid remedy. This is due to the fact that we understand the risk to security compromisation and how it can bring down the brand value. We also provide you an insight into the amount of effort required to remediate the finding. Our key strategies include:

  • Targeted Testing
  • External Testing
  • Internal Testing
  • Blind Testing
  • Double-Blind Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Pen testing as a Service (PaaS)

We offer related services to our clients such as research and development and consulting. We have extended our services to Penetration Testing in Andhra Pradesh that comprises pen testing service in Hyderabad, penetration test in Visakhapatnam, penetration testing service in India ( Vijaywada), penetration tests in Warangal and more.