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If you search online, you will find a lot of companies out there who are advertising to be the best in the industry who do penetration testing. But there would be very fewer companies who follow the right track while conducting a pen test. An ideal penetration testing company would be the one who follows the proper guidelines and the right path to deliver the most precise results as possible. 

What is  Penetration Testing

penetration test, also known as the pen test, is a replicated cyber attack on your computer network and software to check for the vulnerabilities. In the reference of web application security, penetration testing is generally conducted to increase a web application firewall (WAF). Pen testing can include the much tried and tested breaching of any number of application systems to uncover vulnerabilities. Insights provided by the penetration test can be used to fine-tune your system’s security.


Stages of Penetration testing at Pattern Drive Private Limited

  • Planning and survey:At Pattern Drive Private Limited, we have some specific rules and regulations that we follow in order to give your computer the all-round support and trustworthiness. In our first stage, we define the scope and goals of the test, which also includes the systems to be followed and the procedures to be developed. The second thing that we do here is collect the intelligence in order to understand the target and how it works and its potent 
  • Scanning: The scanning process helps us to understand how the target application might react to different experiments and intrusion attempts. Following these stages is very important for the software assets that you have, from every chance of cracking open to vulnerabilities and also exposed to two types of analysis: 

Static analysis: This inspects the application and its code to get an estimate of the way it reacts when it runs. These tools can scan the code in one single run.

Dynamic analysis: When we are inspecting an application’s code in running state, it is the dynamic analysis. As it gives chances to real-time view into an application’s performance.

  • Getting the access to the system:This stage generally give us an insight on the scope of web application attacks to try and exploit the weaknesses typically by escalating the privileges, stealing the information and intercepting traffic in order to understand the damage that they can do the system.
  • Continuing the access:We at Pattern Drive undergo this stage in order to see if the vulnerability of the pen tests in order to achieve the persistent presence in the attacked system, which stays inside your computers and systems for months to steal your confidential data. But with pattern Drive’s expert pen testers that is not your worry to take. Finallythat brings us to the last stage of the process of pen testing at Pattern Drive Private Limited, the analysis The stage includes the reports of the particular vulnerabilities that had been exploited, the sensitive data that were accessed and also the amount of time the pen tester was able to stay in the system without being detected.


At Pattern Drive Private Limited (Penetration Testing Company), we take care of all these tests and vulnerabilities that can be a significant hurdle in your way to attaining a healthy working environment and that is why we provide services Penetration Testing in Guwahati, Cybersecurity Penetration Testing in Silchar, Pen Testing Services in Dibrugarh.

At Pattern Drive, We Also Offer Different Other Services Related To Penetration Tests

  1. External testing: It tests the target and the assets of the company which are visible on the internet and the web application it. The goal of this test is to retrieve the web application itself and extract the essential data to ensure the safety of your system. 
  2. Internal testing: In an internal test, the testers at Pattern Drive make sure of the application behind the firewall that compares the attack by malicious hackers. A typical start to this start can be stolen due to a phishing attack.
  3. Blind testing:In a blind testing technique, we conduct tests only when the name of the enterprise that is being aimed for. This gives you a clear picture of how security personnel on a real-time basis can take control of the system.

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