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Factors That Makes Us the Best Penetration Testing Service Company

A penetration test, or pen-test, is an effort to gauge the safety of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities. Such assessments also are useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, even as end-user adherence to security policies and it is carried out by Penetration Testing Service Company.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing offers to you differing types of advantages, that permits you to

  1. Detect and arrange security threats

A penetration test (pen test) estimates the power of a corporation to defend its applications, networks, users, and endpoints from internal and external attempts to dodge its security controls to realize privileged or unapproved access to protected assets. Pentest results confirm the threat posed by particular security vulnerabilities or faulty processes, allowing IT management and security experts to rearrange remediation efforts.

  1. Circumvent The Speed Of Network Downtime

Recuperating from a security flaw is dear to most of the organizations. Penetration testing supports a corporation to evade these financial setbacks by proactively detecting and addressing threats before security breaches or attacks happen.

  1. Protect Customer Loyalty And Company Image

Even one occurrence of compromised customer data can destroy a company’s brand and negatively impact its bottom line. Penetration testing helps a corporation avoid data incidents, which will put the company’s reputation and reliability at stake.

Why is penetration testing so important For Corporations?

  1. Security Tools vs. Penetration Testers

Every company has its own set of cybersecurity tools––like encryption codes, anti-virus software, and vulnerability scanning––but how sure are you that these tools are going to be ready to protect you during a live attack. Penetration testers have been trained to think above and beyond the conventional and locate their way through even the toughest of the jails deploying a base of open-source methods as essential road-map. There are many services that we render at Pattern Drive Private Limited, like Penetration Assessment in Indore, Network Security Assessment Bhopal, Wireless/ RAS Assessment Jabalpur, Telephony Security Assessment Gwalior other assessments.

  1. A Fresh and Advanced Opinion

Often, an individual falls into a group pattern of performing tasks when completed on a day-to-day basis. This is often also the case with ethical hackers employed during a company. While following a schedule is usually an excellent advantage for a corporation, it’s not the case with penetration testing. A penetration tester has been trained to locate the threats through an exchange approach, also as decide the potential of an attack on IT assets, ensuring a far-reaching better return on investment (RoI) for IT Security and safety. They supply assurance that the corporate is working with a suitable limit of data security risks and are to try to do so in compliance with the regulations and industry standards.

  1. Attacks one Target as an entire

You have just learned the various tools and techniques of ethical hacking, but is that enough to hold you through a full-scale penetration test?

By using various methodologies to perform advanced attacks, they will identify structured command language (SQL) injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), LFI, and RFI vulnerabilities within the organization’s web applications and infrastructure.

It is through hands-on experience and hours of implementing knowledge and skill into practice that a penetration tester is in a position to show several vulnerabilities for one target by aiming a mixture of methodologies at the organization’s cybersecurity.

Very often, one attack won’t show the penetration tester any vulnerability within the organization’s cybersecurity. However, when one weakness is taken and attacked by various co-existing attacks, it could direct on to a breach in a company’s Cybersecurity; thus, exposing vulnerability.

How Often To Perform Pen Tests

Penetration testing should be performed daily to make sure more consistent IT and network security management. A penetration tester will disclose how the attackers may probably exploit the newly discovered threats or emerging weaknesses. Additionally, to regularly scheduled analysis and assessments required by regulatory mandates, tests should even be run whenever:

  • New network infrastructure or applications are added
  • New office locations are established
  • Security patches are applied
  • User policies are modified


Why Choose Pattern Drive For Your IT Problems?

  • People and Leadership: We have very well dedicated, passionate, forward-thinking team that bring decades of experience as top tier pen-testers and application security experts. 
  • Research and Technical Depth: We at Pattern Drive always constantly expand our boundaries in thinking about how can we solve the next puzzle and in the process reach higher trust among our clients and customers. 
  • Refined, Professional Reporting: We are also experts in filing in the proper documentation reports which aid in understanding our clients where the loopholes are.