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The Steps Included In A Genuine Penetration Testing Service

With modern and sophisticated technology, it’s always possible for a hacker to take advantage of any vulnerability in your system to inflict untold amounts of injury. This is often extremely problematic for blockchain-based companies which are usually handling humongous amounts of cash. To guard their investor’s interests, it’s their responsibility to make sure that they’re taking all steps possible to check and investigate their code thoroughly. This is often where penetration testing comes in. In small towns like Penetration testing in Jharkhand has shown itself to be the simplest method of discovering any potential security breaches. Through this guide, we are presenting a list stating the steps in penetration testing services and what we at Pattern Drive Private Limited has to offer you.

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test is essentially a simulated cyberattack against the system to see it for vulnerabilities. When it involves web application security, penetration testing is usually used to fortify firewalls. The insights from these penetration tests often plug up the vulnerabilities.


Statistics Companies Experienced Due To Non-implementation of Penetration Testing Service

  • Over 69% of the organizations based within us don’t think that their anti-virus protection or firewalls can adequately protect them from attacks.
  • The monetary value of those breaches for US Company has reached almost $7.5 million, and it’s nearly $5 million within the Middle East.
  • In the year 2017, a cyber attack had been recorded for every 40 seconds, which resulted in total losses of a hefty $5 billion, and resultantly, it had staggered the increase from 2015’s $325 million.
  • It is projected that by 2019, a cyber attack will happen every 14 seconds in 2019, with total losses amounting to $21.5 billion.
  • The medical and financial industries have suffered the foremost with injuries accounting for $380 and $245 per capita, respectively.


Stages of Pen Test That We Implement For the Clients

There are five stages within the whole process of penetration testing that we are more focused on while bringing out the best of our services. At Pattern Drive Private Limited, we’ve been catering to the people in need of security checks of their business computer systems. So here we present an all-inclusive list which will make it easy for you to know that what we’ve to supply to you:

Step 1: Planning And Reconstruction:

Surveillance is the act of gathering primary intelligence data on your target system report. It is sensible for this to be the primary stage of the pentest because it helps one to learn more about their target and hence choose the most straightforward course of action. There are two sorts of surveillance:

  • Active surveillance – During this particular stage, the testers directly interact with their target and ask them inquiries to help build up their mode of attack
  • Passive observation: They interact with an intermediary to urge their recon information.

In this stage, the tester defines the scope and goals of their test wherein they state the systems that they’re getting to address and, therefore, the testing methods that they’re getting to use.

Step 2: Scanning

The scanning phase consists of using technical tools to accumulate the notes of intelligence on the target. Consider employing a vulnerability scanner on the target network. This stage will help the tester understand how the goal will answer various attack attempts. There are two sorts of testing that are wiped out this stage:

  • Static Analysis: This includes inspecting the code of the appliance to predict how it behaves during runtime. This Analysis is often wiped out one pass.
  • Dynamic Analysis: During this Analysis, you inspect the application’s code while it’s running. This Analysis is far more practical because it provides real-time insight into how the appliance performs.

Step 3: Gaining access

In this stage, you achieve access by taking control of one or more network devices to either of the below:

  • Extract data from the target.
  • Use the pen test tools to launch attacks on other targets.

This stage uses various methods to uncover the target’s vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and backdoors. 

Step 4: Maintaining Access

This is the stealthy part of the pentest. During this one, the pen tester tries to take care of access to the network by taking the steps needed to be ready to do so.

So, what’s the aim of this stage?

Well, the pentester checks, if the vulnerability spotted, is often exploited to remain inside the Dapp/project ecosystem for an extended time. In other words, if the hacker takes advantage of the vulnerability, then how long can they stay within the system without being detected. Nearly as good news to you, we’ve our services extended. We have services like pen testing services in Jamshedpur, penetration testing in Ranchi, and also web security testing in Dhanbad, etc.

Step 5: Analysis

In this stage, all that the pentester must do is hide their tracks to get rid of all chances of detection.  All the results of the penetration tests are then compiled during a report which details the following:

  • The vulnerabilities that were exploited
  • All the sensitive data that was accessed
  • The amount of your time that the tester was ready to stay within the system undetected.

The report is then studied to see out all the vulnerabilities. At Pattern Drive Private Limited, we test the vulnerabilities of the websites and make sure that there are no weaknesses left to be treated.