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Penetration Testing Services Will  Safeguard Your Online Assets

One of the benefits the internet has given to businesses is that it has become the most effective marketing tool that has ever happened. It is the most powerful tool that spreads the organizations message in the most effective and efficient manner. In this 21st century world, all businesses have an online presence and managing it has become the topmost priority. This means that more and more organizations have customer/clients data in their systems. Penetration testing or Pen testing is the procedure of scanning the system of vulnerabilities. This is done to avoid any loss of data/ information which can be compromised if a sudden attack arises. As the world is getting more internet-driven, organizations have to take extra steps to safeguard and protect data from being stolen. Pattern Drive Private Limited is well renowned in the field of rendering Penetration testing Services to various organizations. We have professionals(Pen Test) that have years of experience when it comes to spotting out the vulnerability that might be latent or hidden inside computer networks.

Why Penetration Test is imperative For Modern Day Organizations

As computer attacks or cyber threats are increasing and becoming more dangerous and devious, organizations need more skilled workers and highly trained professionals to secure systems and networks. There are various types of tools and services that help cybersecurity professionals to conduct the test so that they can successfully achieve their goal. The reasons for availability of such a wide variety of tools and services is because the complexity of the problem has ever been increasing and there need to be techniques, by which security problems can be identified, it can be solved using appropriate defense mechanisms and also make sure that such attacks are not carried out in the near future. Actually, it is a continuous development process and it requires highly trained professionals who know and are aware of the computer networks and devices from inside out.

Pattern Drive private limited is one such organization that specializes in the field of cybersecurity and is also making a name for itself because of the high-quality research and development and consulting it offers which is one of the many services the organization offers to help make network systems safer and secure. We also offer Penetration Testing Services.


How Do We Carry Penetration Testing For Our Clients?

We all know that Cyberattacks have become more prevalent and widespread in recent years and this has become attractive because of the rich source of data and information that usually is with the organizations. So what can an organization do, when it is confronted with such coordinated attacks on its computers or on its networks. When any organizations are confronted with the dilemma, they should first report the attack and investigate as should conduct a detailed audit on its computer network.  Pen testing is the process by which an application can be tested at both the ends (front end and back end) in the means to uncover the vulnerability that might be there inside the application. These vulnerabilities actually make the application weak and susceptible to cyber-attacks and understanding the importance of correcting and fixing the loopholes will help organizations to remain safe and secure.

Various Stages of Penetration testing (Pattern Drive Private Limited)

Below are the steps and stages that are carried out if an organization in Chhattisgarh is conducting penetration testing services:

  • Planning and Reconnaissance: This is the first step of conducting the best penetration testing for the affected or compromised computer system. This step includes defining the entire scope of the systems being attacked and what should be the testing methods that should be used. Pattern Drive is an expert in providing the entire scope of the problem and will guide you about how to handle or tackle the problem in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Scanning: The second such method in the process of penetration testing in understanding how the application will respond in an attempt an incursion occurs. There are two types by which this can be done. Static analysis and Dynamic analysis are the two ways by which a scan can be done on an application. The former method of scanning involves going through the codes and estimating its behaviour as how the code will run in real-time. While the later scanning is checking through the codes while the application is running in real-time. The second approach is more practical than the first one as it helps the penetration testing testers a real-time look into the behaviour of the program.
  • Gaining Access: This stage includes the process of stopping various attacks which includes cross-site scripting attacks, attacks carried out with the help of SQL injection and also other types of attacks. Testers then try to exploit the vulnerabilities that these vulnerabilities can cause and try to understand what damages the loopholes can cause.


What Are the  Benefits of Penetration Testing For Your Business?

There are a lot of benefits of carrying out penetration testing and some of them are listed below.

  • Manage Risk Properly: By deploying penetration testing techniques a company can manage risk properly and efficiently. It helps to secure your computer networks in an efficient way and makes your environment a robust one.
  • Protects Your Customers and Vendors: By implementing penetration testing methods you can make sure that your data and information that is there in the databases are safe and secure because a thorough analysis is done on them along with the computer systems that share those data.
  • Increases Business Continuity: It is the prime concern for many successful business organizations and that flow of business continuity can stop if there is a breach in any security system which can become dangerous for organizations. So maintaining and securing security systems has to be very important and crucial for every organization.

Pattern Drive Private Limited actually provides all kinds of services which include a comprehensive study of your security systems which will actually safeguard and protect your organization. We also provide security services in Raipur, Penetration Services in Durg-Bhilai (twin cities), Cloud penetration Testing Bilaspur, and Network penetration testing Rajnandgaon.