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Penetration Testing actually is the process of testing all the equipment, web applications, softwares in a systematic manner, similar in a way a hacker may try to sneak into the system. in the most basic and fundamental manner, a pen test how authenticated your system vulnerabilities are here is where lies the credibility of a penetration testing Services Company.


What Do Penetration Testers Test To Ensure Systems Remain

Penetration Testers are aimed with finding the vulnerability that is there in the system but what actually do these penetration testers check or where do they find the vulnerability it, below is the list in which they detect loopholes:

  • Infrastructure– Hackers can stay undetected in your software system for months, providing them with permission to have access to sensitive enterprise data and information. It’s therefore important that you review your network thoroughly, consistently and periodically.
  • Web application– Web applications often get in conversation directly with your internal information and can provide for a way into your internal systems for malicious hackers. Our expert team at Pattern Drive Private Limited can cope up with the changing scenarios of the organization smoothly and run a clean diagnosis of your web application.
  • Mobile application– With an upsurge in mobile application development, and developers upgrading their skills, attacks and breaches have dramatically increased. As we look for the expert penetration testing company in Goa, PDPL covers all the aspects of penetration testing.
  • Database security– Database examination is important when it comes to security breaches if you rely on the security of the information held within your databases, or have concerns relating to security compliance. Our experts have years of experience in the field of scientific research in penetration testing and database management services.
  • ICS – The threat against the critical national infrastructure which has never better needs to be taken care of by the experts that you get taken care of at PDPL.
  • Internet of things(IoT)– We take care of the connected devices which can often be insecure and can act a source from where hackers can have access. Penetration Testing needs to include throughout the commission cycle as well as before adoption.
  • WirelessDevices– If a hacker can get access to any of the wireless networks within your business (even the ones you don’t know about), they can begin to target internal systems which might be dangerous for your organization safety so it is must that Penetration Testing Services Company by our side.


The Approach We Take To Ensure Sound Procedure Of Penetration Testing

We have been in the industry for quite a few years now and have gained sufficient knowledge about how to about the process when it comes to conducting a safe and secure penetration testing. And below is the predetermined steps our expert pen testers carry out before we start the process.

  • Understanding your requirements: After a primary call with a skilful account manager, at PDPL(Penetration Testing Services Company) we will remit a pre-acquisition survey to fill out. This will help you to discover where your systems need to be fixed and attention needs to be paid which actually cannot be delayed.
  • Proposal: No two penetration tests processes are similar and our consultants will give you an outspoken test agreement as based on the data gathered from your system which is carried out at the very first stage.
  • Prerequisites: Before testing begins we will remit you a prerequisite checklist which will outline all needed authorizations and approvals from third parties accounts which need to be received.
  • Reporting: At the end of the test, our Pen test consultants at Pattern Drive Private Limited will put together a detailed report along with the analysis of our observations, rating the weaknesses that we have discovered and giving you our suggestions about how to fix the problem.

Why choose Pattern Drive Private Limited For Securing Your Network?

We love and dedicate all our resources in what we do, and we’re passionate about cybersecurity. Every company we partner with gets the full PDPL experience, where we get to know your fears, your challenges and your business goals. It’s through our decades of training and experience, that we’re able to help protect your business. Among the array of businesses we have Penetration testing services in Panaji (Panjim), Pen testing in Madgaon (Margao), ethical hacking in Mormugaon (Marmagao), pen-testing services in Mapuca (Mapusa).