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Network Penetration Testing Services for Companies Is Mandatory

Network Penetration Testing or Network Security as an extension has evolved as rapidly as possible due to the technology it has been built on. For the penetration testing services that get past a simple vulnerability scanner, every company needs experts in the industry. In this context, Pattern Drive Private Limited, one of the leading corporate solutions of the latest time approaches to the network pentesting above and beyond the standard vulnerability analysis as penetration testing services for companies becomes mandatory.

With the years of combined security experience, our potential assessment team identifies, analyzes, exploits and documents even the minor of the network vulnerabilities. When it comes to safeguarding your brand from various security flaws, you would definitely want to seek help from the top pen-testing company to review them.

Why Would You Opt For A Network Penetration Test?

A network penetration test renders your organization with a unique eagle-eye view of the effectiveness of your security system. Contemporary companies may not possess a grip on their network security. On the contrary, more mature brands and organizations often bear huge and multi-faceted networks that easily look out over certain elements, in particular as more and more organizations prefer to shift to the cloud-based systems. Both of the discussed scenarios leave the potency for the ruinous breaches.

In either of the case, penetration testing services for companies will work to make you aware of the security flaws prior to the attempt of attackers for exploitation. With this strong farsightedness, the business leaders will enjoy being prepared to make informed and sound decisions in regard to the security of their enterprise. While demonstrating the newly hardened security posture of your organization, your clients, investors and partners will feel much confident in your company’s ability to safeguard their assets.


Manual vs Automated Network Penetration Testing – Which Is Better?

There are certain troubles with the automated scanners or the automated network penetration testing and implementing them to secure your brand could be a tad bit risky. This is due to the fact that the automated scanners miss out on certain minor security risks and that it requires an experienced individual or a professional in the field to understand the application context and the process the logic could be abused. Also, these automated network pen-testing scanners fail to detect many of the vulnerabilities.

Pattern Drive Private Limited’s adept security engineers quite frequently employ the automated vulnerability scanners in the preliminary stages of an assessment to get the maximum out of it possible. With the more rigid understanding of the application and its context, we as a team provide assessments that are more relevant to the individual security requirements and clientele.

What Our Network Penetration Testing Comprises Of

We employ specialized pen-testing tools and techniques to provide ultimate protection to your brand all year round through:

  • External Network Assessment External Network Penetration Testing locates the vulnerabilities on the infrastructure devices and the servers that are accessible from the internet. It also assesses the security posture of the firewalls, routers, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and various other security appliances that filters malicious traffic from the internet.
  • Internal Network Assessment – Pattern Drive’s super engineers approach the Local Area Network (LAN) as an attacker on the inside. We reach out for the privileged information of the company and various other sensitive assets. This includes the incorporation of several tools, unearthing the user credentials along with attempting to compromise both the virtual and physical machines that are located in the network environment.
  • Wireless Network Pentesting – The security experts at Pattern Drive Private Limited tests out the varied range of networks in addition to the range of potential vulnerabilities that includes Wireless Bleeding Testing, enabling us to identify the distance at which a potential attacker can pick up the company’s wireless signal.


Why Are We Considered Unique By The Clientele?

Since we have been gaining importance in the field of the penetration testing service in India, we have been approached most often and that we have extended our services to various parts of the world and pentesting in Meghalaya, India like Penetration test in Shillong, Pen-testing in Cherapunji and much more. Our pen-testing team in Baghmara is the most recognized one while the penetration testing service in Tura has been gaining much popularity these days. All of this is possible because of certain parameters that we abide by:

  • People & Leadership – We are passionate and forward-thinkers that makes us the top-tier penetration testers and application security experts.
  • Thorough Research & Technical Depth – We relentlessly pursue new ideas and constantly engage in researching, building and breaking. We also do keep up with the latest developments.
  • Refined and Professional Reporting – We refine the search results and researches and offer professional penetration test reports that are designed to the requirements of executive leadership and technical engineers just like our reports effectively outline both risk summary and vulnerability details.