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Penetration Testing Services Are Your Brand’s True Friend

Insecurity in life is the toughest thing to deal with. Fortunately, we’ve no problem thoroughly documenting all of your flaws. It’s quite our job. And that’s an honest thing: Knowing your vulnerabilities and the ways during which attackers could exploit them is one of the best insights you’ll get in improving your security program. Thereupon in mind, Pattern Drive’s Penetration Testing Services team will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, devices, and people to demonstrate the safety level of your critical security and infrastructure to show you what pen test will strengthen it.


Why Are Pen Testers Far More Critical Than Merely Security Experts?

A sound network engineer will deploy and maintain the network with established best security practices. Network security is crucial to the general safety of a company’s most sensitive data. An example of this is often the movement of physical patient records to digital data warehouses. Patient records and sensitive company data are often the targets of adversaries who are operating remotely, and thus, network engineers and pen testers need to figure out this carefully with one another. 

The pen tester‘s duties are to take advantage of vulnerabilities in a company’s combat systems. This involves the security system that a network engineer operates and maintains, but also includes other domains like physical, application, and operational security. A penetration test manipulates the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) of sophisticated clandestine server operators.

Why Will Your Company Need Penetration Testing Services?

There are certain reasons that force penetration testing services into action. These reasons bring in the myriad of penetration testing companies  all throughout the world.


The internet isn’t as safe as it seems, keep your security in check:

Cybersecurity may be a complex landscape with rapidly evolving technologies, architectures, and policies. At an equivalent time, there’s an ever-motivated group of individuals out there seeking to take advantage of vulnerabilities for not-so-virtuous purposes: to realize access to information, take over networks, install malware, and disrupt services and more. Will your tools and configurations get up to the test? Do they meet industry standards? A penetration test will tell. Best penetration testing  services in eastern India can be provided as we make sure of good results.

Penetration testing examines the real-world effectiveness of your existing security controls when a talented human actively tries to hack in the processes. While automatic pentesting can locate some Cybersecurity issues, right penetration testing considers the business’s vulnerability to manual attack, too. After all, bad actors aren’t going to stop their attacks simply because the quality automated test doesn’t identify the weakness. Penetration testing in Rajasthan is taken by priority to extend our services there. 

What Penetration Testing Services Can Do For Your Business

  • Identify higher-risk vulnerabilities resulting from lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited during a particular way.
  • Pinpoint the weaknesses in difficult to note the automatic server network or application scanning software.
  • Assess the potential business and operational impacts of successful cyber attacks.
  • Test network defense’s ability to successfully identify and answer the attack.
  • Bring the proof to back the augmented endowments for security personnel and technology.
  • Meet compliance requirements.
  • Implement and validate new security controls put in situ to thwart similar attacks within the future.

Ultimately, though, penetration testing is merely a part of the continued, constant vigilance needed to keep your organization safe and secure. The SANS Institute notes down that it is doubtful that a pen-tester will look for all the safety issues. A safety issue can hamper your brand reputation as well as corporate reputation. For instance, a corporation might pass a penetration test on Monday, but on Tuesday, Microsoft releases a patch, and now there’s a new vulnerability in some Exchange mail servers that were previously considered secure. Again, it’s an ongoing effort. We have services like Pen testing services in Jaipur and website security testing in Jodhpur. 

Nevertheless, a penetration test digs deeper and samples your environment and how that a vulnerability scan doesn’t.

Penetration Testing Services That We Have For You:

At Pattern Drive Private Limited, we have a variety of services to provide to you:

  • Network penetration testing services – external and internal: External pen testingis the more conventional approach to pen-testing. It directly addresses the facility of remotely attacking the internal network.
  • Internal pen testing – This is often the approach one tales so as to attack the within. Typically the problems identified are often broken into three types. Patching – Patching may be an essential issue, and sometimes some boxes or applications are forgotten. Passwords – Users and other security systems will often have weak, easy and often old or plain passwords. Policy – Build standards and procedures are often ineffective, allowing unnecessary applications or access.
  • Web application penetration testing services – additionally to the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and therefore the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) Rapid7’s application penetration testing service leverages the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a comprehensive framework for assessing the safety of web-based applications, as a foundation for our web application assessment methodology. We have similar services like pen testing services in Kota, penetration testing in Bikaner.
  • Mobile application penetration testing services – Due to the widespread use of mobile applications continues to grow, consumers and corporations find themselves facing new threats around privacy, insecure application integration, and device theft. We transcend watching API and web vulnerabilities to look at the danger of the appliance on a mobile platform. We leverage the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), and Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) methodologies to thoroughly assess the safety of mobile applications.
  • Wireless network penetration testing services: We have a great hold on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM). The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) works as a foundation for our wireless assessment methodology, which simulates real-world attacks to supply a point-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your wireless network infrastructure.

Why Pattern Drive Private Limited? 

We have been serving our clients in different industries. We make sure that you understand the process that underlies the methods and tactics of penetration testing. We prioritize honesty and timely delivery of reports.