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Penetration Testing Services Can Boost Your Safety Standards

Security penetration testing may be a set of tactics directed to explore the vulnerabilities of a system or application. Using this approach, companies can determine ways to secure their IT security and infrastructure and their weaknesses. The vulnerabilities are often found anywhere in services, networks or operating systems. Thus, it’s important to spot them before the hacker uses them and that is what we as penetration testing services, do. Determining defensive mechanisms and the way efficient they’re is additionally a neighbourhood of penetration testing.

Stages We Undertake When Conducting Penetration Testing Services For Your Network Systems

We, At Pattern Drive Private Limited follow the below steps while conducting the penetration testing services for our client’s network system:


The main goal of a hacker on this stage is to gather the entire information a few targets, whether it’s a network, system or application. He gathers this data by surfing the web or by contacting a target directly. We recognize the security threats in your infrastructure.


That’s when our specialists use specific tools to look after the IT security and instruments to realize the in-depth knowledge of track application. This stage is additionally referred to as the pre-attack stage. We use the vulnerability scanner or a network to detect the vulnerable areas while diving deeper into the network systems.


Gaining access

We take hold of a network device to access a particular system by cracking passwords, social engineering or the other methods. This is often the centre stage in penetration testing at Pattern Drive Private Limited.

 Maintaining access

Once the attacker enters a system, he will attempt to retain control of it by creating another account, using tools or the choice ways. Our task in this stage is to simulate these scenarios so as to stop them from happening.

Covering tracks

No hacker wants to be detected and they want to hamper your IT security. That’s why he takes actions to get rid of any logs and clears the system. After passing through all of the stages, penetration testers analyze gathered data to update the prevailing security strategy. These steps are very important to be taken and cannot be done by any security officer. That is why we recommend you to hire affordable Penetration Testing Services in Sikkim.


Why Do We Suggest Conducting Penetration Testing Frequently?

Penetration testing shows the real-world attack vectors that would impact an organization’s IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security. A penetration test should ultimately tell you ways effective your security controls are against these attacks.

  • Uncovers major vulnerabilities: A pen test is an annual occurrence where we look for major vulnerabilities in your IT assets. It can uncover a lot of vulnerabilities before the hackers do in order to safeguard the softwares. Penetration test prioritizes your vulnerabilities into low, medium, and high risks. Your penetration testing team will categorize the vulnerabilities by the danger each poses to your organization. These vulnerabilities are categorized into low, medium, and high risk and a timeline assigned to deal with each of those areas. We then prioritize which vulnerabilities to repair first and which of them will take the foremost time and resources for the organization.
  • Repair vulnerabilities

       Once we identify the vulnerabilities, our security engineers can work on fixing the main vulnerabilities in your network and software applications. This is often a critical process of tightening up your security posture because the vulnerabilities can lead a hacker all the way through your network to your sensitive data.

  • Identify problems you didn’t know existed

         A pen test will uncover the holes within your network, application, and data security you didn’t realize. You can get to fix misconfigurations during a DNS server or fix a compromised web server you forgot about the results. At Pattern Drive, our experts remind you of the most important weaknesses.

  • Show you the strengths within your environment

      A quality   won’t only show you the weaknesses in your security posture but also the strengths and with our expert team advice, you can repair them. You will then use this to your advantage in fixing the areas of weakness quickly together with your strengths.

Why choose us?

We understand how frustrating it can get to have a problem and not getting support when you need it the most. Our team has dedicated resources to help you out in the moment of need. We value our clients and do everything possible to make sure they get satisfied. At Pattern Drive Private Limited, service is the highest priority. Our penetration testing is here to help the needs and demands of the clients and we also need the fundamentals.

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