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Pentesting & Security Assessments Help You Reduce Your IT Systems Risk

Security is the topmost priority for most organizations in this connected world because the rise in threats has increased exponentially. Cyberattacks have become a common threat nowadays data and information have become the cornerstone for a successful organization. Pentesting & Security Assessments here plays a key role in identifying and spotting the vulnerability in the information technology infrastructure. A penetration test can actually be carried by many ways and on various devices and networks. Actually, it is the process by emulates the process a hacker will take and then fix the vulnerability accordingly by fixing the patches. Pattern drive Private Limited Company is at the forefront of conducting penetration testing and consulting for many years. We have successfully expanded our reach and have gained a fair amount of market share in the last few years.

Our penetration testing services proactively attempts to break into your IT infrastructure to prepare the readiness of your It systems. This actually helps organizations to get a view about how hackers and threat actors actually approach the system. And in the process, it also helps organizations to identify security loopholes that could be exploited by cyberattacks carried by threat actors. It is this die to this our knowledgeable and experienced pen testing team use both the manual and automated techniques to help ensure that your sensitive data remains protected and also at the same time compliance requirement is also fulfilled. At Pattern Drive Private Limited we have the latest pen testing tools that identify and discover all the threats and risks. This means that after your systems are tested and certified, it can be used with the absolute assurance that it is secure.


Pattern Drive Private Limited’s Approach Towards Penetration Testing

     We, as a team understand the importance of Security Assessments and Penetration Testing in Dadra & Nagar Haveli and also are very much aware that doing a single pen test always does not identify the vulnerability in the security systems. This is so because there are many types of vulnerability that exists. There are major types of Pen testing, one which is customer-driven/ compliance-driven and other which tries to exploit people, process or technology with the purpose of getting access to the network and gaining access to digital assets. Pattern Drive Private Limited is one of the leading cybersecurity firms which provide all the various services which are listed below:

  • External Penetration Testing: We at Pattern Drive conduct external penetration testing for our clients which is the process of testing the robustness of externally facing assets of an organization. This is conducted by our pen-testing teams who try to figure out the vulnerability in your external asset so as to gain entry to your internal systems. We first plan, execute and then post-execution.
  • Internal Penetration Testing: This procedure checks for your entire internal asset which may contain vulnerability and fixing it. This type of attacks is possible only when an insider has access to organizational application, systems and data. Our pen testing teams follow a well-established methodology based on OSSTMM which actually is line with the way attackers will carry out the attacks.
  • Wireless Penetration Testing: Securing your networking devices is of prime importance because threat actors might get hold of data and information by hacking the device. This so because the attacker will use the wireless devices to gain access into the internal processes. Our teams actually analysis your every device properly and our wireless penetration testing steps include planning, execution and post-execution.


Pattern Drive Private Limited actually provides all kinds of services which include a comprehensive study of your security systems which will actually safeguard and protect your organization. We also provide Security Services in Masat, Penetration Services in Naroli, Cloud penetration Testing Rakholi, and Network Penetration Testing Samarvarni, Security Assessments and Penetration Testing in Silvassa.