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Advantages of Being with the Right Reputation Management Company

It is being difficult every day to manage reputation locally, with the local customer reviews, local influencers and SEO. They often entail multiple regional experts servicing various brands and you need an expert reputation management company for that. There are a lot of companies in the market but very few companies can take the right action for you.

Online Reputation Management Services We Provide At Pattern Drive Private Limited

We at Pattern Drive Private Limited, provide an array of service types to offer to our valuable clients:

  • Monitoring of brand name mentions
  • Sentiment analysis (ML/AI/Human)
  • Survey of competitor sentiment
  • Survey of competitor web presence
  • Location-based review management
  • National/global review management
  • online reputation management for brands
  • brand reputation management in Havana and ORM services in Santiago de Cuba
  • Reputation management for executives
  • Consultation with PR executives for maximum effectiveness
  • Crisis management planning
  • Influencer programs

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Customer Reviews And Our Approach Towards It

At PDPL we take reviews seriously as they matter the most in your business. Regional and national cultural traditions are as important as language. Speaking of language, we’ve performed online reputation management crossing the borders. Coming across much other online reputation management company in Cuba we have gathered the rich experiences in the domain. We effectively remove the online negative reviews from all the review sites that reflect your brand. In this context, we also put up positive reviews so that the trust for your brand remains intact.

There’s an upsurge that folks generally review the famous businesses on most famous review sites like Facebook, Yelp etc. Thus, we know how important it is for you to have a clean brand reputation and we aim to provide you with the same from time to time.

Strategies We Implement To Get Rid Of Negative Search Results

Research shows that almost 45% of individuals discover things online that change their minds about doing business with a corporation. What Google’s first page says about your business is more important for your online reputation than your website or your card. So when your competitors create negative content about your company, and it starts its exposure in search results on branded keywords, you would like to look for help. Also, as a matter of fact, there are only a few strategies to counter negative search results.

Getting the negative content about your company from Google search results was never simple. The content isn’t posted on a site within your control. There are only two ways to urge content removed directly from an internet site, as we do the job for you.


  • Target the website owner – We contact the website owner with an invitation to get rid of the content from the location. We explain how it’s showing your firm within the strong light as we have the right direction towards it. We ask the website owner to feature the no-index tag to the page that has negative content or negative reviews. If this is done often, Google will ignore this page and won’t show it up in search results.
  • Target the author with Pattern drive Private Limited – Go to the negative posting about your business, and to ascertain his profile we see the author bio. Most multi-author blogs list the author’s blog and social media profiles that enable us to trace down an email address. Now we’d like to go to the roots to the matter, now the strategies we have as the essential rules and confirm that the idea of the infringement is obviously pointed towards the management of reputation.
  • Target the editor – In case the author refuses to get rid of the negative post, doesn’t respond or tells you he can’t remove it, you’ll need to get in connection with the editor of the web publication and its advantages and disadvantages. The reputation management company that helps you get standing on reputation management services.
  • Target the publications – If the opposite two methods don’t work, you’ve got the choice to require action against the publication that has published negative, incorrect and defamatory content about your company. In these cases, you need to hire ORM service provider. If you go ahead with this approach, we will get you the documented evidence to prove your case. You would possibly also get to look for professional legal assistance. Then the costs can go up pretty swiftly. Often the more sensitive approach, however, is to interact a web reputation management company which will handle these things on your behalf, with its own ORM team.

Why Opt For Our Services?

It’s our mission to supply the simplest solutions quickly and professionally every time! We pride ourselves on being your “one-stop-shop” – providing exactly what you would like and more. Our experts don’t work on commission so you never experience pushy sales calls. We take our promise of excellence seriously by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Among many other services, we have reputation management in Camaguey, ORM services in Holguin etc.