Research & Development

Research and development providers perform an original investigation or apply research findings to get new knowledge. We, at Pattern Drive Private Limited with the leading research and development services, use this data to make new or improved technologies intended to bring a competitive advantage for the business or organizations who have requested our services. Industrial Research and development services are specifically defined because of the process of obtaining new knowledge which will eventually end in new or improved products, processes, systems, or services which will benefit the company’s sales or growth.

It might be in-line with engineering but it is an altogether different process with unique goals and implementations. R&D creates knowledge, develops, designs, and moves on to making and proving the feasibility of prototypes and samples. Engineering, which follows R&D, converts these samples into marketable or economically feasible products or processes. Each of those could also be more or less prominently involved within the research and development process, depending upon the scope and sort of project.

  • Basic research attempts to achieve a fuller knowledge or understanding of the research subject. In an industrial sense, basic research is employed to further knowledge of a few subjects without a selected commercial objective.
  • Applied research involves investigation aimed toward discovering new knowledge associated with a selected commercial objective involving products, processes, or services.
  • Development is the application of obtained research to the assembly of useful or commercially viable materials, products, devices, systems, or methods. This also includes the assembly of prototypes and sample processes.

Why would you need Research and Development?

Not only do people view it as their first source of data, but they also trust what it tells them. More importantly, they create decisions that support what they find online.

  • Two out of three people see the web because it is the most reliable source of data. And you would need to appear in the first position in the search engine results.
  • 70% of hiring managers have rejected a candidate due to something they found online. And this is crucial to be taken into account that you would put in focus. Now, you would possibly not think that people are checking you out, but the likelihood is that they’re. Common reasons include:
  • Employers doing pre-interview research.
  • Landlords looking into prospective renters.
  • Children checking out details of their parents’ real lives.
  • Former colleagues looking to share professional opportunities.
  • College admissions departments evaluating prospective students.
  • Insurance companies doing risk assessments.

No matter what proportion we’ve been staying online but you would like to be under the radar because there’s always good quantity about you online and many people see it a day.

Objective of R&D

R&D may be a process intended to make new or improved technology which will provide a competitive advantage at the business, industry or national level. While the rewards are often very high, the method of technological innovation is complex and risky. There are certain objectives that R&D follows:

  1. i) Obtain new ideas or knowledge.
  2. ii) Apply it to the sensible uses.

iii) Increase the company’s sales and profit.

Types of services rendered at Pattern Drive Private Limited: 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) defines three sorts of R&D:

  • Basic Research
  • Applied Research
  • Development

Research creates knowledge and development designs and builds prototypes to prove their feasibility. Pattern Drive Pvt. Ltd provides you with latest inhouse research that will actually help you understand your industry better and gain enough insight that will help you in doing business.

Why Choose Us?

We have dedicated service and timely delivery for all our services. Research and development can be taken together as it helps all the functions in your business and we help you to integrate these processes with committed services.