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The Increasing Importance of Security Assessment Networks

With the increasing news of hacking all around the world in different countries, we can understand the need of a good penetration tester the security assessment of your company’s assets is in good hands, this can be assured. But in this chaotic world of fake advertisements and showy portfolio it is very difficult to choose the right professional for your help.

At PDPL, a network security professional is trained and rich with experience with the necessary expertise to effectively execute penetration testing and other security assessments. Some of the skills that are applied by a network security professional include but are not limited to the following

Preventing Data Breaches

When a penetration test is executed properly and in a regulated manner to imitate a network attack, your firm will stay on top of whether or not there are potent safety and security risks within your network. That is why Pattern Drive Private Limited is the right choice for you. The penetration test is very similar to a predominant problem recovery or fire drill to make sure that your business is made in the event of a calamity.


Application Security of IT system

Whenever your firm begins to implement new software or application, it is noteworthy to execute a security assessment before putting the application to use in your business environment.  If the application’s main motto is to handle sensitive database, it makes complete sense to have application security professional execute the security assessment to stop an unwanted data breach. This makes the endowment in a network security professional more cost-effective and also time effective than if sensitive data such as customer or medical information were to be handled as a result of a weakness in the software application.

Examining the Security Control

Network security professionals are well qualified in other safety controls used on your firm network.  This manages the basic include the encryption processes, firewalls, data loss safety, the basic security processes, and much more as we know it.  A network security specialist from PDPL has the awareness and experience to execute the right penetration tests to secure the network security administrations are on duty.


Gap Analysis Maintenance

Penetration testing is never a one-time event.  Instead, it must be a continuous process to correctly measure how well your safety model is performing.  It also aids your business to gain the awareness of any gaps in the safety model that may exist at any given point in time; the whole of it is covered with Pattern Drive Private Limited.

Compliance securities

Based upon your sector, the requirements for data safety such as those for the payment card industry (PCI DSS) and others can be very pragmatic.  A network security professional can make sure your network stays in accordance with specific standards and demands for your sectors.  They can also recommend effective alternatives in the event of there being any problems within your business profiles. Among the very few Security Assessment and Penetration Testing Services in Nagaland.

Why Choose Us?

Our company provides a range of professional Network Security services to various firms across borders. We can help your business mitigate network security vulnerabilities by implementing a range of intelligent experimenting with processes and technology solutions. Security assessments in Dimapur, pen-testing in Kohima and expert pen-testers in Mokokchung etc.

The bottom line is penetration testing is well worth the endowment for any challenge that wants the peace of mind knowing the system is secure and daily firm operations can go on in the performance of a service disturbance. Penetration testing can be paired to services that are experimented before being released on the market. We recently have opened our penetration testing services in Wokha.

Penetration testing with regard to network safety works pretty much the same.  If you fail to see the security controls and network environment before using, it is hard to say that whole security is guaranteed in the event of an exploit by hackers.