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Deploy Security & Penetration Testing Services for Your Organization

Security and Penetration testing go hand in hand and it has become more significant than ever before. The rise in importance of securing business IT infrastructure has grown in recent years because of the dangerous cyber threats that have become quite frequent and common in the modern world. Every organization irrespective of the industry they belong has a penetration testing team (Pen-testing team) as part of their workforce. Their task is to monitor the internal and external asset of the company and find out any weak links that can be exploited by malicious hackers or threat actors. It is very hard to imagine in the present world that companies working without computer networks as everything happens over the internet and its connected devices. Data and information are on a daily basis are being exchanged from one device to the other and protecting the golden asset is of prime importance. This is where Security & Penetration Testing Services comes in and the test is being carried out by expert cybersecurity professionals known as Pen testing team.


Why Penetration Testing is Imperative for Organizations

Below are the four major reasons companies should opt for penetration testing. This is critical because it will benefit the organizations in more than one way.

  • Risk Assessment: How much your organization is worth today? How critical is your IT infrastructure to your business value? These thought experiments will make you understand the importance, why your organization should have a proper penetration test at the very first place. We understand the significance as it helps uncover the risk that you have been exposed to. And keeping that in mind we offer to consult to our clients and make them understand the importance which will actually impact their organization in a major way.
  • Regulation and compliance: During the risk assessment, you will definitely come across where you have forgotten to abide by the compliance laws and regulation. Non-compliance has a serious ramification and if not properly can have serious penalties. It can lead to you paying a hefty fine, lose your license or even worse jail time. Pattern Drive Private Limited understands the importance of abiding by the proper procedure in regards to penetration testing and makes sure that you follow the rules and regulation.
  • Reputation: Your company reputation will definitely suffer when a data breach occurs and it is publicly announced. This may lead to a loss in customer confidence and may lead to a drop in revenue and profit. Your company’s share price will also be affected as the investors may worry about the above impact. As people get to understand about data privacy and how it affects them, the impact of a data breach will increase tremendously that could cause significant loss to the company. So reputation is in a direct way related to conducting a penetration testing as it will alert you at the right time about where the vulnerability actually is. Penetration Testing Services in Delhi is the best solution if you want to uncover the vulnerability.


Pattern Drive’s Most Beneficial Penetration Testing Services

Pattern Drive Private Limited is a Penetration Testing Company based out of India. Our penetration testing services are designed to specifically identify your target company infrastructure and identify your key asset and provide the protection it requires. We begin by studying your system and looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. We then use the information that has been extracted from your devices to penetrate into your network in order to look for weak links. Typically we investigate all the software and hardware that is connected to the internet and conduct separate penetration testing using the latest penetration testing tools.

  • E-Mail servers
  • Research and Development systems
  • Database servers and storage
  • Websites and E-commerce systems
  • Remote entry points
  • Trusted systems (Including your security system)

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