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Standard Penetration Testing Company Uncover Hidden Security Risks

Cyberattacks have become the norm in today’s world and for enterprises; encountering IT security vulnerability is a common incident. Cyber-attacks have grown at a high rate in the past couple of decades as the world is getting interconnected and information is starting to be the most valuable asset. These IT security vulnerabilities can be the cause of major headaches for organizations because enterprise networks store a lot of confidential and private business data that they cannot afford to lose. This rich amount of data makes organizations and corporate establishments a prime target for Cyberattacks. Standard Penetration Testing Company actually helps you to mitigate these types of unseen attacks that are carried out by threat actors with the aim of stealing sensitive data from the enterprise databases. They inflict different forms of malware attacks, compromise or steal vital data that are stored in the enterprise network. Fortunately, there are ways by which these attacks can be stopped and organizations hire ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals to conduct Penetration testing or pen test as it is popularly known. In these tests, which are by the way many in number, cybersecurity professionals use various penetration testing tools to find out the vulnerability that resides inside the vulnerable or unpatched network systems.


Some important Reason Why Penetration Testing Service is Important for Your Establishment:

Penetration testing should be an important strategy that every organization must have and this is because as the technology is developing so are the ever motivated hackers. They are committed to discovering system vulnerability by developing and coming out with new techniques that exploit the current security systems patches that are installed or the latest arrivals in the markets. The problem is that technology is developing at such a rate that before you realize it, it becomes obsolete and an updated form of the same technology comes and replaces it. Nothing is stagnant and everything keeps evolving over time. Below are some of the important reasons why you should carry out frequent penetration test on your organization’s security apparatus:

  • Penetration testing is vital for organizations as it paints a clear picture of the current status the organization’s networks are in. It is important, not to inform your IT security teams while you conduct penetration testing on your networks of computers. It is so because the IT teams will actually come up with a way to handle the attacks if a future attack is carried by an attacker. A penetration test will also give you a proper idea as to whether the company security policies are effective or not and whether it should be updated or changed.
  • A hacker or malicious attacker will try by all means to get around the system to gain access and this will give you a proper understanding of where the loopholes or vulnerabilities truly exist and give you a chance to fix those gaps. This actually gives you the knowledge about the areas you need to fix so that hackers or threat actors find it difficult to get past your security and leak your sensitive data. Standard Penetration Testing Company will come handy in this regard.
  • Without conducting the various types of penetration tests there will be areas in your security domain that you might not know are vulnerable or prone to attacks. To be able to protect corporate data and maintain an excellent cybersecurity solution you might consider tapping into a quality pen-testing They are experts in assessing all the various aspects of the systems that are there in the organizations.


Various Customized Pen testing We Provide to Our Clients:

         We understand the importance and significance of Penetration testing and also are very much aware that doing a single pen test always does not identify the vulnerability in the security systems. This is so because there are many types of vulnerability that exist. Basically there are major types of Pen testing, one which is customer-driven/ compliance-driven and other which tries to exploit people processes or technology with the purpose of getting access to the network and gaining access to digital assets. Pattern Drive Private Limited is a Standard Penetration Testing Company which provides all the five types of Penetration testing which is described below.

  • Web Application Pen Test: This is one of the four ways which we deploy when we serve our clients. This type of cybersecurity web application pen test actually is implemented when there is a need to strengthen the infrastructure and application against cyber attacks. Additionally, you may also have a secondary objective to provide evidence to a client or a partner that you have performed an appropriate level of cybersecurity due diligence by having a penetration test performed. Whatever the reason Pattern Drive Private Limited will develop a comprehensive report that will allow you to identify and close all the gaps that are inside the security architecture and which will help you maintain the confidentiality, integrity of your critical web assets.
  • Black Box External Penetration Testing: We also provide our client’s external black Box testing which is the approach that actually focuses on finding and spotting out the vulnerability in your external IT systems that could potentially be exploited by the real threat actor. Although this requires consulting and discussing with the clients or partners, the basic underlying philosophy to detect weak links in the security systems remains unchanged. This test is important because every device that is connected to the internet has a major chance that it might get exposed like email, web, VPN, cloud authentication and cloud storage, etc. Keeping that in mind we also provide this kind of service which actually secures all kinds of external IT devices.
  • Post-Breach Internal Testing: Internal Post Breach Penetration Testing only happens when any user or employee has knowingly or unknowingly clicked on a suspicious link or opens up a page or plugged in the wrong USB that has malicious code inside it. To contain the damage our qualified cybersecurity team will actually use special software that will actually establish a beachhead and will communicate to the compromised asset with the help of commands and control techniques.

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