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Vulnerability Assessment Company Spots All Your Weak Links in Networks

Penetration testing is the need of the hour; it is becoming an essential part of the cybersecurity department in every organization. It is becoming essential and important as Cyberattacks are a common threat to most organizations. This is so because organizations have vast amounts of data that competitors and threat actors are interested in and that can be exploited by them to meet their own goal. This is one of the main examples, why companies should protect their data properly and hire the best Vulnerability Assessment Company. Cybersecurity is a very complex landscape where technologies, architecture, and policies keep on evolving and on the other hand, there is an ever motivated group of people out there seeking to exploit the vulnerability. The threat actors usually compromise networks, install malware or other viruses inside the computer system and disrupt services and more. Penetration testing becomes more important in these situations as it is designed to answer questions like: Are your tools actually up to the standards to mitigate the threats or are they effective enough. All this can be answered by running a Pen test.

What Pen Testing Is and Why Should You Need One

Penetration Testing is the process or method which actually measures the network robustness in a real-time scenario when it is under attack.   The major aim of pen testing teams is to find any loopholes that may be latent in the system. The positive side of conducting a penetration test is that it is very effective in detecting the manual threats that might be not detected by automated testing which only identifies other vulnerabilities. After all threat actors will not stop their attacks just because the standard automated test does not identify the vulnerability. Pattern Drive Private Limited is experts in providing pen-testing and has employed the latest penetration testing tools to the customers we have served. We are a team of dedicated professionals having an overall understanding of the computer networks and also the in-depth knowledge of the protocols which it is comprised of. Our team is also professional in carrying out Research and Development in the field of Cybersecurity and consulting.

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The Reasons Why Your Business Needs Penetration Testing

Business and Corporation have been in the target of hackers and threats actors for quite some time and it is clearly visible in the media, this trend actually places an increasing number of businesses along with their sensitive data at risk. The risk of managing data is at the hands of the organization and businesses cannot rely on their old age techniques to defend and safeguard the data because hackers and threat actors are constantly developing new forms of threats every day. Having an anti-virus and a firewall is not enough to keep your sensitive information safe and business have to implement the latest defence mechanism which will be resistant or immune to the latest cyber threats. To test whether a threat actor can get access to your assets you need to hire a penetration tester. Read on to understand how why the penetration testing service is vital for your organization. 

  • Detect The Loopholes In System Before Threat Actors Do: Penetration testing helps uncover the hidden vulnerability that is inside the system and what better way to detect the faults by conducting different types of Penetration testing on your computer systems. Pattern Drive Private Limited understands the importance because it realizes that a single test is not enough to fully understand and uncover all the flaws it has. Therefore it uses the latest tools and conducts a series of tests so that nothing is left to chance. Usually, pen testers are generally employed right after Organizations have gone through a complete overhaul; of the infrastructure or after a change in the firewalls rules, firmware updates, patches and software upgrades.
  • Saves Time and Cost Reduce Network Downtime: The process of recovering from a security breach can cost your system thousand and even some time millions of dollars. And it is very important that you save your hard-earned money by deploying a pen test (Pattern Drive Private limited) will avoid these unnecessary troubles. Penetration testing in Karnataka with their professional experts on Cybersecurity can advise you on the minimum frequency of penetration testing for your specific business domain and IT infrastructure.
  • Develop Efficient Security Measures: The summarized result of a Penetration testing for assessing the current state of your IT systems and security apparatus. They can provide your company management with quality insights about information about identity gaps, their actuality and their potential impact on the system’s functioning and performance.

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What Makes Us Special From Other Penetration Testing Companies?

Pattern Drive Private Limited is the leading vulnerability assessment company in India and it is because of many reasons. We conduct the best penetration testing which actually helps uncover the potential vulnerabilities inside the networks and also consult with our clients on how they can secure their defence mechanism. We also put our latest technology and tools in achieving the goals. We conduct manual hacking techniques to penetration test your systems regardless of the tech stack. We also conduct various types of penetration testing which includes testing of internet systems, internal networks, Wireless testing and also have separate types of testing for various technologies as well. You will not be able to find a more comprehensive approach that has so many features incorporated into it. We also have qualified professionals who will guide you step by step in implementing the testing modules across platforms.

We also conduct network penetration services in Bangalore, Wireless network penetration Services in Mysore, Web application Penetration Services in Hubli-Dharwar and Corporate Solutions in Mysore.

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