CEO Reputation vs. Corporate Reputation

Times are changing and we know the importance of building a reputation that starts from the top layer of a growing business. We also see why and how the status of the CEO of a company can change the world by doing our bit towards the best possible manner to bring the change in the thought process that how CEO reputation is restored.  The age-old battle of CEO Reputation vs. Corporate Reputation is still on-going as both of them are linked to each other in all respects. A CEO is unluckily the one who suffers the most and is still under the microscope. There is nothing they can do to avoid the attention of the public or the press. In today’s 24/7 media world, where anyone with the internet and social media page can report the news, all executives must be mindful of their perception, how their actions or inactions can help shape the reputation. Reputation management service is very famous these days in the industries that cater to services.

How CEO Struggles To Maintain both CEO and Corporate Reputations

Times are changing in today’s brand reputation world. The days have gone by where the school of thought like negative publicity is also publicity holds good. It is now that makes and maintains positive publicity is the driving factor in the whole reputation for any brand. These factors keep the head of the organization high along with the company’s CEO reputation. A CEO always struggles for the status as it can affect the reputation of the company as well. We can bring on the best techniques of standard reputation building and the employees that we have also used. We have a lot of corporate reputation management services in India. At Pattern Drive Private Limited we have enough experience to deal with all these kinds of situations.

Sometimes we have been able to come up with high-quality employees as we have seen that they do sometimes wonder when it is the moment of need. It can even haunt the company for years after a reputation scam happens with a firm of any size, shape, or industry, be it in the manufacturing industry or service catering people. We can give you some example that can blow your mind on how CEO reputation can affect corporate reputation and cause CEO Reputation vs. Corporate Reputation.

Some Most Prominent Examples of CEO Reputation vs. Corporate Reputation

Tesla and Elon Musk: 

Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy is laudable and has made Musk a hero to many. But his instability on social media profiles undermines Tesla’s efforts to propel the electric revolution. After Musk’s childish offer of a mini-submarine to be sent to the operation in rescuing the football team as they were trapped in a Thai cave was branded as a PR stunt, with one of the rescue divers. He is probably the first man to prove the advantages of a good corporate reputation.

Musk’s reputation as an impetuous tweeter had a direct impact on Tesla when he posted an unsupported claim that he had “secured” funding to take the company private. Tesla fell 39 points in the Axios and Harris annual reputation poll as Musk’s questionable decision-making, production issues, and executive departures all impacted. It is one thing for a CEO to accept their reputation to that of a company they founded, and quite another to mould an international corporate behemoth, with thousands of employees and a lengthy roll call of previous CEOs.

Unilever and Paul Polman: 

Step up by Paul Polman, who at the beginning of 2019 handed over the reins of Unilever to new CEO Alan Jope after ten years in the top job. Polman’s reputation as a far-thinking, socially conscious executive is founded on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, a blueprint for expanding the business while increasing positive social impact and ‘decoupling’ growth from the company’s environmental footprint. The new form of capitalism exposed by Polman, aimed at allowing everyone to live well on the planet’s sustainable resources, has put Unilever at 39 in Fortune’s 2019 ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ list. In this age-old battle of CEO Reputation vs. Corporate Reputation we have come far and are yet to decide the right degree of reputation that is ought to be made to be in favour of the organization.

Fifty, thirty, maybe rightly just ten years ago, executives were faceless and sometimes too without identity, and most of the consumers had no plan who controlled the world’s largest corporations. The rise of the mega-growth start-up, and the 21st century’s cult of personality, encompassing everything from reality TV to referendum results mean that rock star CEOs now deserve a lot of media attention and pull their companies to the front pages. And this is just the beginning of the new era of CEO reputation.