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Social Media and the Polarization of Masses:
Case Study of social media radicalization on CAB

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Pattern Drive Pvt. Ltd. is a leading fast-paced Online Reputation Management Company In India. We offer Cybersecurity, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Data Management and Data Recovery services in addition to ORM. We help organizations reach their unlimited potential through the intersection of latest technologies and out of the box ideas.

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Top 3 start-ups in year 2016, felicitated by Minister of Commerce

Top 5 companies for cyber excellence globally in 2016

Product company of the year by DSCI, 2018


Online Reputation

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Cyber Security

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Database Management

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Data Recovery

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Digital Marketing

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  • "I accidentally stumbled upon when I was looking for the perfect cybersecurity solution for my company. The price offered was much affordable for the insanely great cyber security solution and beyond my expectations. To top it off, they possess a team of friendly, helpful support staff to answer any queries anyone may have."

    Mr. Arunava Director, Royal Tax Solution

  • "Far too many experts stick to a specific theme when creating a website or a blog. While this is just the opposite for They recorded my requirements and suggested an array of options to choose from. That is why I am satisfied working with them. Additionally, they talk about things that actually work."

    Mr. Prabhat Managing Director, Origrace Private Limited

  • "Quality work and friendliness are why I chose Pattern Drive. They are very much organized, easy to work with, and it just felt right. The overall experience has been pretty awesome. Their best qualities are professionalism, enthusiasm, quality of work and friendliness."

    John Doe Designation, Company Name

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Facebook Vs LinkedIn: Which Is Better For Social Media Advertisement?

20-10-2021 | Alex Smith

Facebook and LinkedIn both can be called the powerhouse of advertising for businesses. However, the advertising potential of both these social media platforms is distinct from one another. Their advantages and disadvantages are also different from on...

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7 Tested Data Recovery Software Free To Download In 2021

13-09-2021 | Alex Smith

Companies and work can never be complete without data. Data is what keeps a company going and growing. Mishaps are unfortunate, and with data, it is quite possible. Mistakenly deleting data from your computer or losing data by other means, say, a sud...

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10 Strong & Proven Content Marketing Tips For The Startups

13-05-2021 | Alex Smith

For a business to create a presence on the internet, content is the prime thing. Content or nothing. Content acts as the real heroes when it comes to digital marketing. In this article we are going to discuss content marketing definition, the importa...

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