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Internet Security And Data Protection

31 Tips For More Security And Data Protection On The Internet

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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I had come up with a special Mastodon promotion for the month of July 2023. Every day a short tip on security and data protection was published under the hashtag #secprivacy2023. The tips were accompanied by AI-generated images that I created with Midjourney .

In this article, all tips are summarized at a glance and some are provided with further links. Overall, it is a wonderful compilation with a selection of probably the most important advice for effectively protecting your own identity on the Internet.



Security And Privacy Tips That You Must Abide By For More Data Protection On The Internet


With everything being online, data on the online platforms are susceptible to getting stolen, sold to third parties and some people even earn money by this. Thus, it is crucial to take good care of your data, privacy and security online so that you do not fall prey to anything unusual. 

Without much blabbering, let me take you through the 31 most important data security and protection tips.


Tip 1: (Security) Updates


A classic, but one of the most important tips. Regularly update your software, operating systems and apps. Security updates often contain important patches/updates to address known vulnerabilities. So check whether updates are available on each system you use. You should not entrust or process sensitive data to systems/software that are no longer provided with updates.

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Tip 2: Read The Data Protection Information


Although this is laborious and time-consuming, it still makes sense. Take a look at the data protection information of apps, websites and online services - this doesn't always have to be the case, but at least when you provide personal data. Pay attention to the types of data collected, how it is used, and whether it is shared with third parties. Even if the information is not always complete/understandable, it helps to get an idea.

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Tip 3: Router WIFI Security


Secure your wireless networks with strong passwords and encryption (e.g. WPA2 or WPA3). Change your Wi-Fi router's default password. Reducing the transmission power can also make sense - only the radius that you need needs to be covered. If you do not want the SSID of the wireless network to be recorded by Microsoft and/or Google, you should adjust or rename it as follows:_optout_nomap

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Tip 4: Data Backup


Make regular backups of your important data and store them in a safe/different location. Helps with data loss, but also with malware infection. Very important: Check whether the backup can also be restored. If an external/third-party cloud encrypts the data end-to-end.

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Tip 5: Encrypted Communication


Do not use insecure or unencrypted emails to exchange sensitive information. Instead, use secure communication channels such as encrypted emails (e.g. GPG/OpenPGP) or messaging apps such as Signal or Threema. Avoid proprietary software/apps that lack transparency. The encryption is simply not verifiable – including backdoors or interception loopholes.

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Tip 6: Obtain Apps From Trustworthy Sources


Avoid downloading apps or software from unsafe sources. Only use trustworthy sources such as official app stores. On #Android you can also use the F-Droid store without hesitation . Advanced users can also use the developers' websites as a source on Android. But always remember: No matter what source you install something from, check beforehand whether you really need the app or take a close look at what you are actually installing.



Tip 7: Secure Passwords


Use strong and unique passwords for your accounts. By “strong” we mean that the password is as long as possible (from 16 characters upwards) and was created randomly. You should manage your access/accounts using a password manager . For additional security: Two or more factor authentication (#2FA, #MFA) e.g. via TOTP, FIDO/U2F.

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Tip 8: Prevent Phishing


Be careful when opening email attachments or clicking on links, especially from unknown senders. These may contain phishing attempts or malicious files. Phishing can be detected, for example, through spelling errors and/or checking the final URLs (mouse-over effect). Worth knowing: Your bank will not ask you to update your details/passwords/install apps via email or SMS.

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Tip 9: Check Account Transactions


Regularly check your bank and credit card statements for suspicious activity. Report any irregularities to your bank immediately.

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Tip 10: Delete Data Securely Or Permanently


Securely delete sensitive data and files instead of simply moving them to the trash. This is particularly true if the data carrier/device is to be sold or disposed of. Use secure deletion methods or special data destruction programs. Also helpful: Use the (data) encryption of your system. For example, an encrypted Android simply needs to be reset before it is sold/delivered. Even safer: overwrite with data again.



Tip 11: Data Hygiene


Limit the amount of personal information you share online. Only provide the information that is necessary and think carefully about the impact this might have. Clean up regularly or practice data hygiene: delete old data, emails, SMS, messengers, etc. - if no longer needed. Shut down accounts that are no longer in use and remove pictures/content of yourself from social networks etc.

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Tip 12: Be Careful Of Public Terminals


Be careful when using public terminals or computers. Avoid entering sensitive information as it could potentially be captured by malware or keyloggers. With your own device: When you're on the move or using someone else's WiFi, it's recommended to set up a VPN connection to your home or a trustworthy network/provider.

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Tip 13: CryptoParties And Co.


Find out about IT security and data protection events in your area. For example, take part in #CryptoParties, where people meet to learn encryption and obfuscation techniques. Network with like-minded people – online and offline!

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Tip 14: Frank Answers


For many online orders, reservation forms or otherwise, providing a telephone number is a mandatory field. Normally, however, this is not really needed as communication usually takes place via email. So if you don't order something via a shipping company, you'll rarely be contacted by phone. The solution: Frank answers. A service that automatically answers and rejects calls.

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Tip 15: Awareness Children And Young People


Children and young people should be made aware of the issue of data protection at an early age. What does privacy actually mean? What are social networks and how can you protect your own data? The Pixi books from BfDI, among others, offer a good introduction .

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Tip 16: Network Operator Objection


All network operators in Germany collect and analyze movement, traffic or GEO data about their customers' movements. For marketing purposes, Telefónica and Telekom sell the (customer) data in “anonymized” form to third-party companies. This data includes, among other things, the age, location and gender of the customers. This can be contradicted .

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Tip 17: Smartphone Interfaces


Smartphones are equipped with a variety of interfaces and sensors such as WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, microphone, NFC, etc. In particular, unused interfaces, since they represent attack vectors, should only be active when they are really needed. This not only saves battery, but can also protect against WiFi tracking, for example.

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Tip 18: Filter Advertising & Trackers


A simple way to stop advertising and trackers on Android or iOS system-wide (in all apps) is to block them via a DNS provider. It's very easy and is particularly suitable for beginners. Everything is done in 5 minutes (including reading).

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Tip 19: YouTube Tracking And Ad-Free


YouTube ad-free and privacy-friendly? Naturally! Below are solutions for the desktop and mobile systems Android/iOS. With the paid YouTube Premium (approx. €12 per month), YouTube also becomes ad-free. However, tracking or tracking of user activities remains.

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Tip 20: Apply For A Transmission Block


Parties, religious societies, the Bundeswehr, but also address book publishers have the right to request data about you from the population register. Against these inquiries, a transmission block can be requested from the responsible registration authority in accordance with Section 50 Paragraph 5 and Section 36 of the Federal Registration Act .

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Tip 21: Activate Screen Lock


Activate the screen lock on your smartphone or tablet to protect your device from unauthorized access. Use a longer PIN/password (8 characters or more) or biometric features such as face or fingerprint. Avoid patterns that are usually easy to guess. Note: Device encryption or the protection it offers is only as good as the screen lock used (PIN, etc.).

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The fingerprint or a hash value of it is stored in a special chip. This hash value is not transmitted to Google or Apple - at least there is no evidence of this. In addition, it is mathematically difficult/excluded to restore the original value (in this case the fingerprint) from the hash value.


Tip 22: Antivirus Software


Antivirus programs. Opinions differ here. Anyone who uses Windows can use Microsoft Defender. Virus protection is not necessary under Linux, macOS and also on the mobile systems Android and iOS. Provided the system/applications are up to date, awareness is more important. Antivirus programs give a false sense of security and mislead users into rash actions.

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Tip 23: LibreWolf


Firefox is a good browser. Unfortunately, Mozilla often makes idiosyncratic decisions that can negatively impact the user's privacy. LibreWolf is a Firefox fork that, among other things, removes proprietary components and telemetry or the transmission of diagnostic data/crash messages to Mozilla.

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Tip 24: Restricted User Accounts


Create user accounts with limited privileges on your computer to reduce the risk of malware/malware being installed. Use administrative privileges only to install new software or change settings that require higher privileges.

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Tip 25: Privacy Settings Social Networks


Review the privacy settings on your social networks and reduce the amount of personal information visible to the public. Note that the operator has access to all information - even that which is hidden from other users. It's best to only use privacy-friendly networks like #Fediverse.

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Tip 26: Check App Permissions


Regularly check the permissions of installed apps on your mobile device and remove unnecessary access rights. Only grant the permissions that the app actually needs to fulfill its function. With some custom ROMs, apps can even be prevented from accessing the Internet/network. Professionals regulate the outgoing data traffic of apps with NetGuard .

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Tip 27: Cover The Webcam


Protect or cover your webcam when not in use to prevent unwanted surveillance. On Android and iOS, a green dot in the status bar indicates that an app is currently accessing the camera.

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Tip 28: Data Protection-Friendly Search Engine


Use a search engine like MetaGer or StartPage that doesn't store or track your searches. Advanced users use/host SearXNG . Blind Cow is suitable for children.

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Tip 29: Secure Messenger


Use a secure and privacy-friendly messenger. Signal and Threema are recommended for those switching from #WhatsApp. For more autonomy and/or public chats, messengers based on the Matrix or XMPP protocol are ideal. The Messenger Matrix offers help with selection or switching .

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Tip 30: Technology Without The Need For The Cloud


Be sure to look out for pitfalls before purchasing new equipment/technology. These can be: app requirement, cloud connection, etc. Not every “shit” has to be connected to the Internet. If the manufacturers then go bankrupt, the devices are usually no longer usable. Shopping ahead can prevent this.

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Tip 31: Exercise Data Protection Rights


Exercise your rights. Companies must provide you with information about your data and, if necessary, correct or even delete it. You have the right to object, to information, to be forgotten and/or to correct data. Use it!

Data requests

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These were 31 tips for more security and data protection on the Internet, and there was certainly something useful for everyone. Nevertheless, the topic of online security is extensive, and there are many more tips and advice that you can add to the forum. Your experiences and knowledge/knowledge are valuable, so don't hesitate to contribute additional tips to make the collection even more comprehensive and helpful. Together we can help everyone better protect their personal identity online.

We call for a wrap-up here. Thank you for staying with us till the end. The purpose of this article is to explain 31 most prominent internet security and data protection tips that will keep you and your data safe from the internet. We hope you found this read insightful. For more such informative topics, make sure to visit our Knowledge Based Section under the Cyber Security Category.

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