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63% of marketers said that they find generating leads for their business entirely challenging.

A lead is any individual indicating interest in a company’s service or product in some shape, way or form. Leads are a part of the more comprehensive life cycle that the consumers pursue when they transform into potential customers from visitors. Leads usually hear from an organization or business after initiating communication through submission of personal information for a trial, subscription, survey or offer rather than receiving random cold calls from someone who bought their contact information.

Why Use Lead Generation?

Lead generation enables a business in

  • Determining pricing on a per lead basis.
  • Choosing a service or product they intend to offer.
  • Selecting the geographic area best suited for a business.
  • Engaging in effective and tighter demographic targeting.
  • Controlling the entire leads with budgeting, a company intends to receive monthly.






Where Does Pattern Drive’s Lead Generation Stand Vital?

Generated leads with the assistance of Pattern Drive can be employed in various targeted sectors.

Database Management

Digital Marketing


Sales & Marketing


Medical & Life Sciences


Pattern Drive Stands Distinguished

Blogs & Content

We promote offers via blog posts and quality content.


We enable newsletter subscription attracting maximum people possible alongside conducting rigorous B2B lead generation.

Social Media

We promote our offerings via various social media platforms and techniques such as Facebook Ads, Facebook Stories, Instagram Ads, Instagram Swipe Up, Twitter bitly URLs, LinkedIn Posts, all-inclusive of call-to-action features.

Ads & Retargeting

We match our offers precisely with what we promise via our different ad campaigns, including Pay Per Click (PPC Ads) on various search engines (SERPs) and social media sites.

Product Trials

Our product trial period fetches a lot of leads.

Referral Marketing

Our landing page ensures to convert strangers to valuable leads and increased potential customers and referrers.

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