Pattern Drive Private Limited

Cyber Security Services

We have four best Alternatives for Cyber Security Services from our Trained and Expert Assistance Team

  • Log management, tracking and annals of security devices
  • Defined customers with little or no IT personnel; limited framework; low protection threat; viable regulatory/compliance necessities; payment conscious
  • "Cyber-fundamental" plus vital give up-points and servers
  • Log control, investing, and Archive – Framework
  • Log control, analyzing, and Archive – Servers
  • Full SIEM
  • Hazard Intelligence
  • Superior continual risk Intelligence
  • Server Availability
  • SMB with small IT staff and constrained or no security understanding; feasible a couple of places’ multiple servers; mild community complexity; regulatory/compliance worries; statistics vulnerability concerns
  • "Cyber-prolonged" plus
  • Log management, monitoring and Archive – packages
  • Server Availability
  • Assistance Availability
  • Network breach acknowledgment/Protection systems management
  • SMB w/ larger IT workforce with superior knowledge of regulatory and compliance troubles, and the difference between them; prompted to transform CAPEX to OPEX
  • "Cyber-leading" plus
  • Can be highly custom designed
  • Full or partial manipulate of and integration with purchaser procedures and trade configuration/control
  • Vulnerability/susceptibility testing
  • Anchor encroachment Disclosure
  • Prevention System management
  • Anchor Configuration control
  • File Integrity tracking
  • Circumstances feedback
  • Medium or big organizations/firms; sophisticated IT group; excessive crucial orientation; is aware cost of dropping recurring capabilities to third celebration; complicated IT infrastructure; high safety danger aversion