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Investigating a crime scenario is a tedious task in itself. It attracts years of study and experience to be knowledgeable in dealing with tough cases, most notably getting them appropriately solved. This applies to both real-world crime scenes and digital spheres.

Cybercrime Investigation Techniques We Have Adopted

The exact techniques depend on two factors- cybercrime getting invested and the individuals investigating a particular cybercrime. However, most virtual crime investigation follows some standard methods.

Checking Background

The background checking (creating and defining) of a particular cybercrime helps investigators establish a starting point. They can also list out what they are facing and what information they could acquire when handling the cybercrime report's initial phase.

Acquiring Information

Considered one of the crucial things, cybersecurity researchers gather as much information possible about digital crime. Our cybersecurity experts questions from multiple angles and try to accumulate knowledge to have a clear idea of its scope and impact. In cases where needed, we may employ honeypots to collect evidence.

Tracking & Identification

We, at times, perform this step along with the information gathering phase, which depends on how much information we could accumulate. Legal permissions are often required as we have to extract some personal information which otherwise would be unethical.

Digital Forensics

We then examine the affected digital systems or those systems that may be associated with the origin of an attack. We analyze networks, hard drives, raw data, caching devices, file systems, RAM memory and more. We keep on following up until we are satisfied with the results.

Services We Offer

At Pattern Drive, we offer a host of services to satisfy your requirements on a particular issue.

Cyber Threats & Investigations

Our investigators help professional clients, corporates, attorneys and other individuals with a myriad of complex issues. These issues range from hacking, harassing, stalking, data breach to eavesdropping.

Digital & Computer Forensics

Our skilful specialists aid in developing critical forensic evidence for use in civil and criminal cyber cases involving the internet and electronic devices. Based on our specialists' volume of experience, our team can help target the pivotal data required and furnish with expert testimony.

Global Corporate Investigations

We, as a company, have already solved some challenging cybersecurity requirements working with in-house and outside counsel. We can conduct both internal and external investigations.

Cyber Stalking & Harassment

With the influx of cyberstalking and harassment aided by internet anonymity, requiring a top professional is a priority. We offer our service in the initial phases, but later, you may need a cyberstalking attorney.

Internet Investigation Services

With the depth of our expertise and breadth of our experience, we are capable of conducting internet investigation and helping our clients with issues arising from unsecured databases, websites, emails and financial information.

Google Investigations

Google investigations are more useful for brands aiming to monitor and check the branding strategies. It is also helpful for the lawyers and private investigators seeking to conduct soft searches on people and brands. We can help these professionals in their work.

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