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How Anxious Are You To Adopt Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

The global recruitment process outsourcing market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% in the next ten years, while the on-site RPO service segment is likely to experience a rigid CAGR of 20.1%.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is conducted when a firm transfers all or a part of its recruitment to an external provider. An RPO provider performs as an extension to a company’s Human Resource (HR) operations. They also deliver the imperative technology, staff and methodology required to satisfy clients’ necessary prerequisites.

How Outsourcing Recruitment Process Proves To Be Profitable

Far-reaching Candidate Pool

Having in place a wider candidate pool saves a lot of time for the recruiters enabling them to share candidates between the temporary and permanent talent pools. This also allows the recruiter to get exposed to a broad range of potential jobseekers.

Scaled Economy

Managing both temporary and permanent recruitment headcount could cost a firm much more than expected. With an RPO agency, a range of processes get streamlined, making it easier to control a minor team. All the necessary procedures such as liaison, communication and reporting are carried out in a particular way.

Contracts Management

The RPO agency staff simplifies the contract negotiations. In specific regions, the firms hold a single contract with the recruitment process outsourcing provider that manages all the agency contracts.

Mutual Technologies

Hiring the outsourced managers would help an organization to fill up the temporary and permanent positions with ease. Additionally, they adopt perfect streamlining where location or job profile never seems to be a hurdle. This helps business owners invest more time in the core business.

Pattern Drive Supports Discrete Recruitment Functions

Process Design

We establish a partnership with your HR team for replicating your existing recruitment process and ensure that the candidates receive a seamless on-brand experience. We employ our experience and expertise to help you craft a solid recruitment process strategy and eventually meet your goals.

Recruitment Planning

We create a tailor-made recruitment plan that efficiently and quickly generates the most capable candidates for your required positions.

Applicant Sourcing

Even the petite marketing campaigns involve more significant ideas for attracting the right talent via digital, traditional and social media. We establish outsourcing strategies based on the market and comprehensive job knowledge.

Candidate Screening

We look beyond the basic job skills to extract associates who will help your business flourish and conduct self-growth. We explore each candidate's behavioural aspect to analyze their personalities alongside their abilities, and they get transformed into successful employees.

Hiring & Coordination

We make your work easier by coordinating all the job offers and interviews. Possessing a staffing partner who would manage the time-consuming administrative task would ideally free your team to take charge of their business operations.

New Associate Onboarding

With the desire of our clients, we back onboarding functions for the new employees, conduct drug and background testing and start new orientations.

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