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Is Your Corporate Reputation At Stake?

We can clean up the mess and help you make a fresh start!

Corporates may sometimes garner negative publicity or reviews/comments. We understand how it feels. We can review and reconstruct your current corporation reputation levels, ensuring defensive measures for future attacks.

A Damaged Reputation Can Cost You More Than Expected!

It is believed that 25% of a corporates market value is derived from its online reputation.

Consider the below-mentioned risk stats:

  • Just four negative search results can deteriorate 70% of your potential business.
  • Corporates having online reputation issues lose 69% of job seekers' applications.
  • Negative online reputation related events have cost 41% of corporate revenue losses.
  • Corporates bearing negative or unsatisfactory reputation cost 10% more per hire.

When Do You Need Corporate Reputation Management Service?

Still, thinking when you would need to make your corporate reputation game stronger? Here is when:

  • Lack of a rigid online presence.
  • An influx of negative online reviews.
  • Negative articles about executives and companies spotted online.
  • Social media retaliation.
  • Corporate crisis and issues.

We Help You See A Brighter Picture In The Search Engines And Social Media

  • A more focussed point of contact experienced and trained in white hat corporate reputation management strategies.
  • An opportunity to choose from the wide range of options that directly addresses the approach to your company’s specific reputation requirements bearing economical rates.

Our Corporate Reputation Management Process

  • Expanding your social media presence
  • Publishing positive content
  • Building brand authority, expertise and trust
  • Monitoring frequent online mentions
  • Leveraging effective SEO boosting positive content

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