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The aggressive growth of internet interconnections paved the way to effective malware practices and advancements. Malware attacks have crippled many businesses, and with advancement, it will adversely affect more organizations. A potent research and development strategy can be a saviour.

Pattern Drive's Key Approaches To Malware Analysis

Our malware analysts conduct three primarily effective malware analysis procedures

Malware Behavior Observation

We run tools or perform short manual exercises to force malware to react to its surrounding environment on a VM or Virtual Machine to evaluate if it is malicious.

Code Disassemble

We disassemble the code with static analysis and dynamic analysis or both, implementing inner logic on the malware code's unchangeable behaviour.

Examining Memory

We inspect the forensic and digital imprints left behind by the malware on your system's memory. We can determine the behaviour of the malware even after it has stopped functioning. We aim to learn about specific malware, how it works and how it would respond in different scenarios.

Types of services rendered at Pattern Drive Private Limited

The National Science Foundation (NSF) defines three sorts of R&D

Basic Research

Applied Research


Research creates knowledge and development designs and builds prototypes to prove their feasibility. Pattern Drive Pvt. Ltd provides you with latest inhouse research that will actually help you understand your industry better and gain enough insight that will help you in doing business.

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