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Is Your Online Reputation Degrading Your Business?

Research states that businesses & brands tend to lose 86% of their prospects on receiving two or fewer stars on platforms like Google or Yelp.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the core area of digital marketing that needs special attention. However, it is often overlooked. Regrettably, it just takes a handful of negative reviews or dissatisfied customers to impact the online reputation of your brand negatively.

An Exceptional Online Reputation Can Boost Your Business Standards

  • About 95% of the shoppers make a move only when they have read the online reviews of a brand or its products and services.
  • If two or more products have similar ratings, the consumers tend to judge them based on
    • (a) highest reviews
    • (b) maximum positive reviews

How You Respond To Reviews Marks Your Brand Value

  • Follow-up emails asking the shoppers to review their purchases is what makes a difference.
  • A direct link to submit reviews forwarded to the consumers or buyers via email can help increase your brand's star ratings.
  • Consumers say that the brands that reply to their reviews help build trust in the company making them feel "The Brand Really Cares About Their Customers' Feedback".

Negative Reviews Can Be Worthy At Times

  • About 82% of consumers rely on negative reviews to make a choice.
  • Most consumers find it challenging to purchase a product having no reviews.
  • Zero negative review makes consumers suspicious of the product or "paid reviews".

Construct Positive Online Reputation With Pattern Drive Private Limited

It is disheartening if you receive negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. The fact is, even the reputable businesses also stumble upon dissatisfied customers from time to time.

However, it is relatively more straightforward for the big fish companies to brush aside such occurrences. But this could also degrade the online brand reputation in the long run.

It could be vexing or discouraging if you have received a negative online review, despite the review being a scam or legitimate. You can improve your ratings online on various review websites across the internet implementing online reputation management services.

Increase your Ratings

Here are some practical ways Pattern Drive Private Limited employs in your brand's reputation management online and help you get maximum 5 star reviews for your brand:

Our experienced squad of in-house brand reputation marketing experts can help reconstruct and reduce damages caused by the negative reviews online by carefully examining from where they came. They also come up with a plan or solution to fix them in no time.

Pattern Drive will work on your favour with the professionals and update you about the latest reviews (negative or positive) from time to time so that you can assess your current position in online reputation.

Our crew possesses enough expertise to build and implement the latest market-oriented tactics to drive new, positive and organic reviews. We abide by honesty and truthfulness and thus do not believe in paid reviews.

Pattern Drive Pvt. Ltd. is an Online Reputation Management Agency Catering High Impact Results

At Pattern Drive, we are committed to helping the brands to produce credibility and brand awareness by encouraging positive reviews besides restoring the brand name.

Online reputation of your business is crucial. It serves as an utmost importance for your brand that you make sure you are engaging with an online reputation management firm that implements fruitful ORM techniques and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we do.

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