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An intruder considers a limited time frame to look for the loopholes and vulnerabilities in the information system’s security that lacks priority. Unfortunately, minor vulnerabilities may wind up in critical consequences paving the way to compromised systems. The proven way to reduce such risks is by employing penetration testing.

When Do You Require Penetration Testing?

CVE details state that over 13% of the vulnerabilities bear a critical score (CVSS) of 9.0 to 10.0, while the remaining 77% have a score of 1.0 to 8.0.

Thus, it is crucial to know when you must undergo pentesting. Here is when:

  • Corporate’s IT has significantly changed.
  • The latest network infrastructure or applications have been reckoned.
  • New office locations had been established.
  • Regulatory mandates require regularly scheduled analysis and assessments.
  • Significant modifications or upgrades to infrastructure or applications had been carried out.
  • The end-user policies had been modified.

Variety Of Penetration Tests We Cover

  • Network Services Test
  • Remote Access Security Test
  • Social Engineering Test
  • Web Application Security Test

Pattern Drive’s Penetration Testing Methods

Black Box Testing

We work in a real-life environment possessing strictly limited knowledge of your network and zero information on the usage of network structure, security policies, software and network protection.

Gray Box Testing

We carefully examine your system with information on your network like architecture diagrams, the network’s overview or the user login details.

White Box Testing

We spot the potential weakness points utilizing the admin rights and the access to the server configuration files, source code or architecture documentation and database encryption principles.

What We Deliver

At the end of our pentesting process, we furnish our customers with an extensive set of reports inclusive of recommendations for effectively eliminating the detected data breaches:

  • A brief outline of the achieved findings and results.
  • A compact list of the detected system vulnerabilities and their classification based on how little effort it takes to exploit and how intensely harmful they are for the system and the business.
  • A list of changes made in the system that had been implemented in the process of pen-test.
  • Information on penetration testing protocols - tools and instruments used, checked parts and issues detected.
  • Actionable recommendations for eliminating the discovered security issues.

How Often Do You Have To Conduct A Pen Test

A pen test isn't a one-time test. The network servers and computers function as an entire system to guard your brand reputation in order that you ought to be ready to safeguard the info of your clients and customers. This is often major thanks to promoting corporate reputation also. At Pattern Drive Private Limited we assist you with the factors which will decide the frequency of penetration testing services for your organization:

It's no secret that bigger companies with a greater online presence may additionally have more urgency to check their systems, since they might have more attack vectors and could be juicier targets for threat actors.

Pen tests are often expensive, so a corporation with a smaller budget could be less ready to conduct them. A scarcity of funds might restrict pen testing to once every two years, for instance, while a much bigger budget might leave more frequent and thorough testing.

Counting on the industry, various laws and regulations might require organizations to perform certain security tasks, including pen-testing.

Certain companies may need a one hundred pc cloud environment and won't be allowed to check the cloud provider's infrastructure. The provider may already conduct pen tests internally.

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