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Rank In Google News: How To Optimize Your Website?

06-07-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

The internet has changed the way we read the news. Newspapers have served the traditional method of reading news. Although people still stick by the age-old newspaper, with the convenience of reading news on the go, people mostly switch to the mobile version of the newspaper. This is Google News on the search engine Google. Thus, it is crucial to rank in Google News so that the readers can easily...

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Reputation Management For Doctors: How To Get Benefitted?

01-07-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

According to BrightLocal, over two-thirds or 69% of people search for businesses online on a monthly basis. Just think about what you will do before you dine out in a new restaurant. The first step would be to find out if that particular restaurant is present online. So you would visit their website to check out what menus they have for you and what people are saying about their services. The same...

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How To Optimize The 14 Important Google SERP Features?

08-06-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

Google Search Engine Ranking Pages, commonly known as Google SERP is a very important aspect of digital marketing. Ranking in these SERPs is essential to be found, gain sales, have profitable conversions, gain new customers and retain the existing customers.  Additionally, it is also challenging to continuously rank on the search engine results page of Google owing to the fact that the exact algo...

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