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Android Encryption: Why And How To Take This Step?

25-11-2022 | Alex Smith

Data encryption is an important thing these days and so is Android encryption. If you are an Android user, have you ever realized how much of your life is dependent on your smartphone? According to statistics, an average smartphone user spends nearly 3 hours and 10 minutes each day using their mobile device. That said, Android is the most popular operating system globally having over 2.5 billion a...

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Android App Permissions: Know The Authorities To Be Accepted & Declined

15-06-2022 | Alex Smith

The smartphone is a common thing these days. People are fond of downloading and installing apps from the Google Play Store and sometimes from third-party sources for their Android OS. If you are very careful with the apps, you would definitely have noticed that most of the applications that you opt to install will ask for access to some of the features on your phone the very first time you try t...

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