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Cybersecurity In Healthcare: 10 Best Tips To Be Safe Online

07-04-2022 | Alex Smith

In the current electronic world, protecting information and cybersecurity in healthcare is vital for the normal functioning of the organizations globally. Many organizations in the healthcare sector possess various kinds of specialized hospital information systems that include e-prescribing systems, EHR systems, clinical decision support systems, practice management support systems, computerized p...

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What Are The 5 Ways To Prevent Data Breaches?

30-11-2021 | Amir Rao Memon

What should a company do after a data breach? Data breaches can cause far more than any momentary loss. They can change your life. There can be huge complications that may arise in the lives of businesses, governments, or individuals when some sensitive information gets exposed. Being online or offline is not the factor now. Hackers can get hold of your information through the internet, text messa...

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