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Cybersecurity For Musicians: How To Protect Your Work From Cybertheft?

21-06-2022 | Alex Smith

With the advent of the Internet, the music business has become even more complex. With each passing day, more music is being delivered online. There are various methods that the musicians and the members of the music industry are adopting to distribute their music. Every time this thing is occurring, it is opening up new avenues to hurt the music industry through stealing and cybercrime. This prov...

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5 Important Holiday Cybersecurity Tips To Not Fall Prey

14-04-2022 | Alex Smith

With each holiday season comes the shopping spree and days before that people check out what things they would like to buy and wish list them. The ongoing pandemic has a ripple effect on the global shipping as well as the delivery rates owing to the shortage of the transportation and the workers. It is a good idea to conduct your shopping as soon as possible. But on doing so, people usually tend t...

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10 Worst Offending Countries In The Global Cyber Warfare

02-03-2022 | Alex Smith

Usually, when you think about war, the first thing that comes to your mind is guns firing and bomb blasting left, right and center, nuclear warfare and even worse. While it cannot be disagreed that these are all definitely various types of warfares, a new one is on the rise. Unbelievably, it is even bigger than 9/11. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about cyber warfare that one can involv...

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